Wawanesa Renters Insurance Review

A review and a Wawanesa renters insurance quote in one smooth experience

What to Know About Wawanesa Renters Insurance

Wawanesa was founded in 1896 and is a Canadian insurance firm. With assets of over $9.5 billion and over two million active policies, it is one of the 10 largest property and casualty insurers in Canada. Wawanesa opened its U.S branch in1974. Wawanesa renters insurance is only available in California and Oregon. The company has generally received high ratings among its customers. Their basic coverage is similar to that of other renters insurance providers, with optional add-ons, such as earthquake coverage, increased coverage limits and financial loss protection for forgery or theft. You can access various discounts if you live in a neighborhood or building with passcode entry. Additionally, you can get up to 10% off your basic premium if you have a combination of security systems. Wawanesa’s customer service agents are available weekdays from 07:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m, and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
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What Wawanesa Renters Insurance Covers

Here are the main aspects of what Wawanesa renters insurance covers. Personal belongings - this ensures that if something happens and you need to repair or replace your possessions, you’re covered. For loss of use, Wawanesa will pay the cost to repair or replace your items, up to the cash value of your damaged or stolen belongings. Replacement cost coverage, which will cover you if something happens and you need to repair or replace your property. Property outside your rental unit - typically you would be covered if property such as your laptop or mobile phone is stolen from your car that resides outside your dwelling. Personal liability protection, with medical payments to third parties. This provides coverage if someone else is hurt when they’re in your rental unit and you’re legally required to pay their medical costs as a result of any injuries they may have suffered. For additional premium costs, you can buy Wawanesa’s add-ons to cover yourself against financial loss protection for forgery and theft; increased coverage limit; earthquake coverage for residents of California; and valuable personal property.
Make sure that you understand the difference between water damage from outside your dwelling, and water damage coming from within your rental unit. Renters are often disappointed when they learn that their renters insurance policy doesn’t cover them for flood water damage to their property and possessions. Quite a great number of renters insurance policies don’t cover flood damage. Generally speaking, Wawanesa renters insurance doesn’t cover you for flood damage. Flood damage is usually defined as coming from outside or from underground sources, and so Wawanesa renters insurance is unlikely to cover you in the event of a flood. In the case of water damage coming from a burst pipe or other source from inside the rental property, there’s a good chance Wawanesa renters insurance will cover you. If you live in an area where there’s a high risk of floods, or your area is frequently hit by hurricanes and storms, you might want to consider purchasing additional flood insurance.
To some extent Wawanesa renters insurance does cover pet damage, but you may not be covered for all types of pet damage. You must disclose your pet to Wawanea because if you don't and in the event of an incident involving your pet, they may not agree to cover anything related to your pet at all. As you can probably see, there are a lot of nuances regarding pet coverage, which means you're covered in some situations, but not in others. Pet coverage can be tricky because there are a couple of things that can go wrong with a pet, like damage to other people's property and being held liable for things like injuries or other lawsuits. What’s great for you is that Wawanesa renters insurance pet coverage generally covers you for both of these risks. However, when something happens that’s caused by your pet there are other nuances to the coverage that you bear in mind. Before you purchase a Wawanesa renters insurance policy, you must realise that their policy provides some type of pet liability coverage, but its policies won't cover everything.

Wawanesa Renters Insurance Review and Costs at a Glance

Wawanesa is recognized by the Better Business Bureau and has been since 1975. As of January 2020, it has an A+ rating. The average cost of Wawanesa renters insurance is similar to other standard fare policy providers, but the price you will be quoted depends on where you live, your rental unit’s safety features, your credit score etc. Just click get a quote on this page to see what your premiums will be. The company’s deductibles in the event that you make a claim are not higher than $500. For an extra premium, you can purchase earthquake coverage if you’re a resident of California. It’s worth noting that despite Wawanesa’s A+ BBB rating, it does only have 2/5 stars as an average customer review rating (per 10 reviews). The company also generally has low customer ratings across various review sites, which appear to focus on their slow response to customers’ requests.
Wawanesa Renters Insurance Stats OverviewNumbers
Average Cost in the U.S for Wawanesa Renters Insurance Annually$135.20
Average Cost in the U.S for Wawanesa Renters Insurance Monthly$11.27
Wawanesa Renters Insurance JD Power Rating4/5
BBB rating for WawanesaA+

How Much is Renters Insurance Through Wawanesa in Your State

The average price of renters insurance through Wawanesa is similar to other insurance providers in California and Oregon. Do remember that Wawanesa renters insurance is only available to purchase if you reside in one of these two states. The most expensive states for renters insurance are Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Oklahoma. The rate you will be quoted does depend on several different factors that are specific to you, such as where you live, your rental unit’s safety features, your age, your credit rating and how much coverage you want to buy. Get a quote to find out what your premiums will be.

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How to Get a Wawanesa Renters Insurance and Auto Insurance Discount

There are several ways you can obtain a Wawanesa renters insurance discount. If you live in a gated community, neighborhood or building which requires you to enter a passcode to get in, you might be eligible for a 2% discount on your premiums. What’s more is if there is a 24-hour security guard in your community or building, you might qualify for an additional 5% off. Where you have a combination of fire alarms, dead bolts and burglar alarms, you could get up to 10% off your basic premium. Wawanesa doesn’t offer discounts if you bundle together your auto and renters insurance.

How Much Does Wawanesa Renters Insurance Cost Versus Competitors

Wawanesa isn’t the only renters insurance provider on the market, so here are a few competitors which you can get a quote from and compare to your Wawanesa renters insurance quote. Liberty Mutual Insurance, one of the cheapest competitors on the market, was awarded Investopedia’s “easiest claim filing service”. Policy holders of Liberty Mutual renters insurance who need to make a claim just need to follow their simple step-by-step online process. You can also purchase their add-ons to cover natural disasters, such as earthquakes. State Farm, investopedia’s “best overall” renters insurance provider, offers nationwide coverage from $8 per month, and has customizable policy options. Unlike Wawanesa, State Farm offers Multipolicy discounts and they offer discounts for installing a home security system. Nationwide has the largest difference in price, with their monthly premiums being more expensive than Wawansea. Nationwide policy holders can also add on coverage for valuable items and collectibles, earthquakes, water damage, and theft protection for personal possessions that are stored in a vehicle, trailer, or watercraft.

Getting in Touch with Wawanesa Renters Insurance

To file a Wawanesa renters insurance claim after suffering a loss, you should firstly document all of the damages and/or losses. Collect all the documentation relating to your claim. If you’re claiming for personal property loss, gather your store receipts, email order confirmations or bills from repair shops if you have them. Anything you have which proves you owned the item will help support your claim. If someone has filed for liability and medical claims related to another person suffering an injury in your rental unit, make sure you have the hospital bill or legal notice stating what you owe. Take as many photos or videos as you can of the damage. Good visual evidence of damages can help Wawanesa offer you the correct amount of reimbursement money and process your claim more rapidly. To make a renters insurance claim, use one of the following methods: 24/7 emergency contact telephone number: 800-427-9669 Phone: 858-874-5301 or toll free at 877-929-2637 Online: From the Wawanesa home page, click Claims and select Submit residential claim. Then fill out the form.
It can cost you time and money if you haven’t kept track of all of your belongings before your policy is up for renewal. With this in mind, it’s a good idea for you to follow our advice outlined below. Keep an accurate record of your possessions, and if you live in a shared rental property with other people, make sure you mark on your list which possessions belong to who. Keep this list up-to-date and take off anything you don’t have anymore. Make a copy and don’t lose it. Make a record of your properties’ serial numbers and receipts. Take photos of all your possessions, and make sure that the condition of each item is clear in the picture. Check your finances to make sure you have budgeted for a Wawanesa renters insurance renewal. Review your current policy and ensure your deductibles and replacement value amounts are correct. Pay attention to any valuables that may need additional coverage.
There are many reasons why you may be thinking about cancelling your Wawanesa renters insurance. Before doing so, there are a number of things you should consider doing to make the payments easier for yourself. If you think your Wawanesa renters insurance policy is too expensive, consider these alternatives: 1. Reduce your coverage. Talk to one of Wawanesa’s customer service representatives about lowering your coverage amount to reduce your premiums — you may also be able to increase the amount of your deductible, which can reduce your premiums even further. 2. Ask about changing your payment plan. Wawanesa might be able to offer you more flexible payment terms. Give them a call at 858-874-5300. 3. Get a quote from another company. By changing to a competitor of Wawanesa, you could make significant savings. It’s always worth calling Wawanesa first to tell them you can’t afford the payments. Your Wawanesa renters insurance policy can be cancelled at any time, should you need to cancel your Wawanesa renters insurance policy, you can call them by phone at 858-874-5300 or toll free at 800-640-2920.

Getting a Wawanesa Renters Insurance Quote and Deciding Whether Wawanesa is Right for You

If you live in rented accommodation and don’t have an insurance policy in place to protect your personal property, then you’re taking a big risk. You could lose a lot of money and time, not to mention having to deal with a lot of potential emotional upset. By taking out a renters insurance policy, you’re making a very wise choice. If you live in California or Oregon, where there is an increased risk of an earthquake happening, a Wawanesa renters insurance policy with earthquake coverage could be a sound policy for you and your possessions. Wawanesa is a well-established rental insurance provider, with an A+ BBB rating. If the reviews of their slow customer service has cast some doubt in your mind about this company, you should consider whether or not you think this could affect your experience with them, and if the quote you’ve been given reflects these possible drawbacks to holding one of their policies. Get a Wawanesa renters insurance quote. Get a Wawanesa renters insurance quote