USAA Renters Insurance Review

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What to Know About USAA Renters Insurance

The first question of course is, does USAA offer renters insurance? The answer is yes. To find out all the information you need to know, you have come to the right place. If you are in need of ensuring that your assets are covered in case of fire, theft, water damage or other unfortunate events a USAA renters insurance policy may be a great step. Often, landlords only cover property insurance for their structures, and you need to purchase renters insurance separately to cover your personal belongings, so it is important to take action as a renter. USAA offers comprehensive renters insurance. Below you will find out more about the pros and cons of a USAA renters insurance policy. The USAA renters insurance offers value-added services that they provide which we compare with other insurance companies. When it comes to making a claim with USAA renters insurance, we will also discuss how efficient their process is, in addition to their renewal procedures and their cancellation processes. To get started, you will discover what USAA renters insurance covers in terms of flood or pet damage along with different options and discounts available when purchasing USAA renters insurance.
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What USAA Renters Insurance Covers

Let us help you find out, what does USAA renters insurance cover? They cover a comprehensive list of property which includes many items such as clothing, electronics, music equipment, guns, antiques, bicycles, sports equipment, furniture as well as many kinds of collectables including stamps and coins. With USAA, they provide replacement cost for your covered items, so they replace your old possessions with new ones. They require that you provide an inventory to determine the worth of your property so that you are properly covered in the event of property theft or loss due to fire or other circumstance. This also means you pay for what is covered, not just a flat fee so could be more affordable depending on the worth of your assets. A USAA renters insurance policy provides protection against damages from natural and man-made situations such as fire, lightning, vandalism, and explosions in addition to volcanoes, earthquakes, and riots. In addition, many kinds of loss from property theft are also protected. A USAA renters insurance policy provides liability coverage in case of accidental bodily injury which will help provide financial security.
You may be concerned about flooding and wonder, does USAA renters insurance cover flood damage. In generally most renters insurance policies do not provide flood damage protection but flood damage is included in standard USAA renters insurance coverage. Whether or not you live in a flood-prone area, flooding is possible and is the #1 natural disaster in the United States. Flooding can happen anywhere and as we know, things change. Areas with new development can become prone to flooding by changes in the natural drainage. Even areas of drought, where land is unable to absorb water, can quickly become at risk for flooding. With USAA renters insurance water damage, as defined by water damage from overflow, accumulation and runoff from various sources, is covered. It is important to note, however that water damage from slow-spreading seepage through walls, roofs, windows, doors, or foundations is not covered in a USAA renters insurance water damage policy. To be safe, checking with your USAA renters insurance agent regarding your particular policy would be recommended.
The first point to be made with any renters insurance, when discussing pet damage, is to ensure you disclose your pet to your insurance provider. In the first step to finding out does USAA renters insurance cover pet damage, it would be a good idea to recognize different options when choosing a policy, and the type of pet you have. USAA renters insurance pet coverage may be variable and there may be options that you can include when discussing your coverage choices. Whether or not you have a pet will influence the cost of coverage in certain liability situations, for example, if your dog were to injure one of your guests, or if your pet were to damage someone else’s property. In general, USAA renters insurance provides property damage coverage for those things listed above such as fire, theft, natural disasters, and liability coverage. Usually, insurance companies consider you responsible for damage that may occur to your own property due to your pets. This may be something to consider when discussing your personal situation with the USAA renters insurance agent to evaluate what is covered in your specific circumstances. Also, it is important to think about the difference between pet insurance and renters insurance coverage, as renters insurance may cover pet-related liability issues, while pet insurance covers health issues affecting your pet.

USAA Renters Insurance Review and Costs at a Glance

USAA Insurance was formed in 1922. It was formed by a small group of Army officers seeking auto insurance and currently, the USAA now has 12.8 million members. To qualify for USAA renters insurance, you must be a military member, a veteran or a family member. You may want to work directly with a local USAA renter insurance broker if you prefer a one-on-one experience. In addition, they provide comprehensive services through their website and their mobile app is quite popular. On USAA renters insurance reviews, the BBB rates USAA as an A++ company, while USAA renters insurance often retains 4/5 star customer reviews. Overall, the USAA renters insurance cost is often lower than the national average of approximately $15 monthly as they advertise prices starting at $10 per month. The national averages fluctuate from state to state. For example, in LA, the average is about $27 a month, which is considered to be affordable for an average policy covering about $40,000 in personal property, $100,000 liability with an average of $1000 deductible. The USAA rental insurance price, when compared to their service offering, is competitive when compared to other similar companies. USAA rental insurance is worth checking out if you meet their requirement of being a veteran, military member or one of their family members.
USAA Renters Insurance Stats OverviewFigures
Average Cost in the U.S for USAA Renters Insurance Annually$117.04
Average Cost in the U.S for USAA Renters Insurance Monthly$9.75
USAA Renters Insurance JD Power Rating5/5
BBB rating for USAAN/A

How Much is Renters Insurance Through USAA in Your State

As with many kinds of insurance, USAA renters insurance varies from state to state. We have gathered some averages along with the most expensive state and the least expensive state in order to find out how much is renters insurance through USAA. There are many factors to consider which effect your renters insurance costs, including the safety of your area and which state you live in. The average cost of USAA renters insurance is approximately $15 a month, starting at about $12 a month. North Dakota tends to be the least expensive area to live in for renters insurance, while Mississippi tends to be the most expensive state to live in, with an average renters insurance cost of $22 each month, though there are higher rates, of course, depending on many factors including the value of your belongings.

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How to Get a USAA Renters Insurance and Auto Insurance Discount

The best way to get discounts on your USAA renters insurance is to bundle your insurance policies together. They offer a 10% discount off your auto insurance when you bundle auto and renters insurance with USAA. They also offer multi-product savings that are included automatically. In addition to USAA renters insurance and auto insurance discounts, there may be even greater discounts for those who qualify for a claims-free discount or people who have not made a claim over a certain period of time. There are also additional USAA renters insurance discounts when you invest in protective devices such as a home security system, fire alarms, or an interior sprinkler systems and possibly even Smart or connected home technology, that can alert the insured of a fire or burglar event. It is recommended to report these upgrades to the USAA insurance agent directly so they can activate the qualifying discounts. Being a USAA renters insurance customer without any recent claims and being a customer with multiple products will result in discounts being activated automatically so you will not even have to negotiate to get a better USAA renters insurance discount.

How Much Does USAA Renters Insurance Cost Versus Competitors

Comparing apples to apples, how does USAA renters insurance cost compare to the competition? USAA renters insurance is one of the more affordable renters insurance starting at $10 a month with the average rate being $15 per month. This, of course, varies widely from state to state and also may depend on your personal preferences as well as the worth of your possessions. There are many insurance companies to choose from and some of the more expensive renters insurance can cost over $27 per month so, this is something to keep in mind when you get your personal quote for USAA renters insurance cost.

Getting in Touch with USAA Renters Insurance

USAA renters insurance claims can be filed online or over the phone, and there will be certain steps you need to follow. In contacting your USAA renters insurance provider, in most cases, they will let you know what information you will need when making the claim. Knowing the amount of your deductible, which is the amount you need to pay as part of a settlement and is usually a set rate when you choose your original policy, will help get you through the first parts of the process. Also, knowing the answer to questions such as will the damages cost more than your deductible, was anyone injured, and did you damage someone’s property or vehicle will also help as you begin the process. When you contact your USAA renters insurance provider you will most likely be required to provide information regarding the situation, which may include descriptions of when and what happened and injuries and damages that occurred as well as photos of the damages, your policy, and your contact information.
Once it is time to renew your USAA renters insurance there are some tips and steps to take to make sure you are making the most of your insurance. Before your USAA renters insurance renewal, you have a great opportunity to review your policy. Reviewing your renters insurance policy is recommended about once a year. There are things that may have changed such as new members in the household or new purchases that may require extra coverage and could affect your policy. Even assets you may acquire through inheritance may change what you need covered. Your great aunts Hummel collection may require additional insurance as it might be worth more than you think. It is also a good idea to set some money aside every month or so to cover the amount of your deductible, to ensure you are prepared if you do need to make a claim. In addition, as discussed above, if you increased your security system or installed interior sprinklers, you may qualify for additional discounts, so reviewing your insurance policy and informing your agent prior to your USAA renters insurance renewal, may lower your monthly costs.
It is a good idea to know the USAA renters insurance cancellation policy, even before you buy. Needing to cancel USAA renters insurance may come about in many situations in life such as moving or moving in with your significant other, purchasing a home, or just moving to another rental home. It is important to ensure that your insurance coverage is up-to-date with your current living situation. USAA renters insurance, being primarily for those in the military, has coverage for when your stuff is on the move so it is easier to make sure you have overlap from one situation to the next. However, knowing how to cancel USAA renters insurance will help you so that you do not have gaps of time where you have no coverage. For example, if you are changing insurance providers, you need to make sure there are no gaps in coverage while you switch. If it comes about that you are cancelling your coverage, you may want to know how to cancel USAA renters insurance online or directly with your agent to ensure the process as straightforward as possible.

Getting a USAA Renters Insurance Quote and Deciding Whether USAA is Right for You

There are many things to consider, when searching for a USAA renters insurance quote and particularly when comparing it to the many options that are available. USAA renters insurance is highly rated by the BBB, and they are a very long standing company, providing services since 1922, specializing in serving those in the military, veterans and their relations only. USAA renters insurance stands out in that it provides coverage in natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions. Another factor which makes USAA a strong contender is their wide variety of options and that they take into consideration the worth of your possessions so you pay for what is covered which makes your USAA renters insurance policy tailored to your specific needs. If you are in the military, a veteran, or part of their family, USAA renters insurance may be a good option for you. Comparing their many features along with their affordability and based on a USAA renters insurance quote, you might decide if they are the right renters insurance provider for you.