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Finding the Best Renters Insurance in Wisconsin

More than two-thirds of residences are occupied by their homeowners in Wisconsin, leaving a little under a third for renters. This means that Wisconsin’s percentage of renter-occupied properties is lower than the nation’s average. This doesn’t make knowing all you can about the best renters insurance in Wisconsin any less important because if you’re a renter in the state, you have a lot to benefit from if you opt for renters insurance. The property you live in as a renter has been insured by your landlord, but that insurance plan serves to keep them and their investment safe, and not you. Your landlord’s insurance does not cover any damage or loss of your personal belongings or damage caused by you to the property. Negligent or non-negligent injury on your rented property is another thing you can be liable for. The headache-free way out of this is to find the best renters insurance plan for you in Wisconsin, which will cover you in the case of the above scenarios. Whether you are looking for the best or cheap renters insurance in Wisconsin, you are covered here.

A Summary of Renters Insurance in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has one of the cheapest annual premiums for renters insurance in the United States, ranking at 49 when sorting the highest rates. The average cost for renters insurance in Wisconsin is only $134 annually, which is a mere $11.17 for each month. This is far below the national average cost for renters insurance in the country. This in addition to the fact that 41% of renters in Wisconsin spend more than 30% of their income paying for rent and utilities, which is also below the national average. Considering this, it is hard to excuse a renter who has not found a renters insurance plan suitable for them. Depending on where you live in Wisconsin, the average renter's insurance may differ. For instance, if you live in XXXXX, you pay some of the highest rates at $X.XX per year or $X.XX per month, while residents in XXXX pay a low average rate of $X.XX per year or $X.XX per year.

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Is Renters Insurance Required in Wisconsin

Renters insurance is not required in Wisconsin. However, most landlords will still require you to have valid renters insurance as part of the rent agreement, and without satisfying that, it may be not easy to find a property that suits you well. Even if you find a landlord who doesn’t require renters insurance, it is in your best interest to opt for it despite that. In Wisconsin, while you are legally allowed to withhold rent in the case of any potential hazards that require repair, it is important to note that such can increase the chances for injury of yourself or another on the property, which are not covered by your landlord’s insurance but can easily be covered by renters insurance. So, is renters insurance required in Wisconsin? The quick answer is no, but it is greatly advantageous to find yourself a plan as soon as possible. Your wallet will thank you in the unfortunate chance that any covered perils occur, such as damage to your belongings or the property, injury of your family or guests on the property, and any loss of use expenses.

How Much is Renters Insurance in Wisconsin

Finding low-cost renters insurance in Wisconsin is much easier than in other states as it has average renters insurance rates far below the national average. However, an average serves to provide only a general idea of the rates you should expect to pay. The premiums for renters insurance in Wisconsin can differ depending on a variety of factors. For instance, the value of your personal belongings may be influence the renter's insurance premium that you pay, as pricey possessions may require more coverage than average. The construction and age of your home, as well as the city that you are renting in, can also play a huge role, as large urban centers like Milwaukee and Green Bay may demand higher premiums for insuring your rented property when compared to Oshkosh or West Bend, which are significantly smaller. We've given you a table to make it much easier to get an idea of how much you might need to pay depending on your locality.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover in Wisconsin

Knowing the merits of getting renters insurance and what influences the cost is important, but a vital question needs to be answered as well. What does renters insurance cover in Wisconsin? There are fundamentals that every renter's insurance plan should have, and then extras that some companies add or that can be added for an increase in the premium. The fundamental coverages in a renters insurance plan should include coverage for damage or loss of personal property, payment for living expenses outside the property for perils that may make relocation necessary. You should also have coverage for any injury that may occur in your home, regardless of whether or not you were responsible. You should consider a different company if these basics are not provided in your renter's insurance plan. Some additional options include full cost coverage of a valuable of yours, regardless of how it might have depreciated in value. You can also increase coverage for other valuables, though not at full cost. Flooding occurs in the state at times, and you can opt for the protection of property due to water damage.
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Best Renters Insurance Companies in Wisconsin Based on Consumer Ratings

There are several companies that offer renters insurance, but due to all the differences between them, it is important to know which are the best renters insurance companies in Wisconsin. Cost isn’t directly linked to quality, and luckily some systems can help give us an objective view into the quality of insurance companies. JD Power, which rates customer satisfaction, and the NAIC Complaint Index, which compare the number of complaints relative to the size of the company, work to provide that. State Farm, one of the most reputable insurance companies in the country, impresses with the highest JD Power rating of 850 out of 1000. On the other end, Liberty Mutual has the lowest rating at 792. When it comes to complaints, Farmers has an NAIC index of 0.37, which means they receive only 37% of the number of complaints a company of their size is expected to have, while Liberty Mutual is on the other end a Complaint Index of 0.66. The table below makes it easy to few these metrics and decide on a renters insurance provider.

Compare Renters Insurance in Wisconsin for the Best Rates

Finally, the decision to choose a provider, in particular, is dependent not only on the premium but on your personal requirements when it comes to coverage. The best renters insurance in Wisconsin might not be the absolute cheapest, depending on your needs, but we ensure that you can find the most affordable renters insurance for you. The cost of the plan is a major consideration, but with the very low average for renters insurance in the state, you are likely to find a plan which is affordable. Do you live in an area with frequent flooding? In that case, a plan with water backup coverage will be integral. You may be eligible for several discounts, such as if you opt for a renters insurance plan with your auto insurance provider or if you reside in a safe home with fire and burglar alarms or sprinklers in case of fires. Other discounts can be gotten from having never filed a claim in the past and having a good credit score. With this, you should be able to get the best renters insurance in Wisconsin for your needs.