Renters Insurance Kansas

The definitive guide to finding the best renters insurance in Kansas.

Finding the Best Renters Insurance in Kansas

If you are looking to rent a property in Kansas, then you will most likely need to start considering options for renters insurance. Some people may not think that they need renters insurance. However, it is important to keep in mind that, while your landlord’s insurance may cover the physical appliances and structures in your rented home, it does not cover your personal belongings, which I’m sure matter a lot more to you than a rental property’s appliances. This is where renters insurance comes in – it covers your belongings in the event of property damage caused by fire, vandalism, theft, and a number of other scenarios. While renters insurance is often optional, and to some, may not seem like worth the investment, a few dollars a month will be worth all the while to save you thousands of dollars of losses in the potential case of damage. As renters insurance prices can vary between states, in this article, we will be focusing on helping you compare different companies so that you can find the best renters insurance in Kansas that is not only ideal for protecting your precious belongings but is also cheap!

An Overview of Renters Insurance in Kansas

Overall, renters insurance in Kansas is more expensive than the US average, ranking 25th, with the average annual cost for renters insurance in Kansas being $213, or in other words, an average cost of around $18 a month. Around 45% of renter-occupied units spend 30% or more of their income on rent and utilities in Kansas. Renters insurance prices can also vary between cities within a state, and Kansas is no different – the most affordable renters insurance available in Kansas can be found in Overland Park, with an average annual cost of $168, or around $14 monthly. Gardner and Olathe come in second with an average annual cost of only $197, which equates to approximately $16 a month - $16 cheaper than the state average. Since renters insurance prices between cities in Kansas does not vary greatly (view table below), there are no single most expensive cities for renters insurance – the rest cost around $204 yearly. Variations in renters insurance can occur due to a number of different reasons, the main one being location, as variables such as the local number of claims filed can play into the pricing of a policy. Prices also differ between insurance providers, and as such, it is important to look at several different providers to ensure that you are getting the best renters insurance in Kansas.

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Is Renters Insurance Required in Kansas

By law, renters insurance is not required in Kansas, as mentioned previously; however, depending on which property you choose to rent, your landlord may require you to have it as part of the lease agreement – in this case, of course, renters insurance is required. This is more for your benefit than the landlord's; as the landlord's insurance does not protect your personal belongings or provide you with liability coverage, they recommend that you purchase renters insurance to ensure the protection of your things. This is for a good reason – it may seem unnecessary to spend a few dollars a month now, but it will serve you extremely well and save you thousands of dollars in the case of damage, theft or vandalism; situations that can happen unpredictably and that are entirely out of your control. You must also be prepared for this worst-case scenario by jotting down an inventory of all your valuables, as not only will the collective worth of these belongings determine how much your coverage is, but your renter's insurance provider will ask for this inventory when you make a claim for your losses.

How Much is Renters Insurance in Kansas

Though it is common for renters insurance rates to vary quite significantly between cities within a state, in Kansas, this is not quite the case – as you can see in the table below, the average monthly renter's insurance rates in Kansas are all very similar. Typically, however, location can play a role in renters insurance rates: crime rate, natural disaster susceptibility and, as previously mentioned, a number of local claims filed. Some individual factors can also play a role in the pricing of your renter's insurance, which can include how much coverage you are looking for, how many claims you have personally made, and your credit score.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover in Kansas

Typically, your renter's insurance will have four main options for coverage. Firstly, it will cover your liability for any damage caused by your negligence to the rental building itself. Another situation that renter's insurance covers in Kansas is that where you are sued for being responsible for causing someone else bodily injury through your negligence. In this case, the renter's insurance "duty to defend" means that your legal fees will be paid for when you defend yourself against the claim. Renters insurance also covers your personal belongings in the case of a number of perils, including but not limited to: fire, lightning, explosion, smoke, hail, vandalism, theft, short-circuit damage, and civil unrest. These personal belongings include anything you own, such as your clothes, jewellery, furniture and other valuables. Renters insurance can also cover additional living expenses. For instance, if you are not able to live in a property due to extensive damage caused by a covered peril, your policy would cover expenses for living elsewhere. This protection is typically limited in duration or reimbursement.
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Best Renters Insurance Companies in Kansas Based on Consumer Ratings

Now that you are equipped with the principles of renters insurance and why you should get it, it’s time to select your insurer. The most reliable way to determine the best renters insurance companies in Kansas for you is to check what other people who have used these companies have to say. The most trusted systems currently out there are the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and J.D. Power, which measure customer satisfaction in different ways. Nationwide is a popular renters insurance company in Kansas, and for a good reason – it boasts a Complaint Index of only 0.38 from the NAIC (this means that it’s only received 38% of the expected number of complaints in line with its size), as well as a score of 796/1,000 in J.D. Power’s customer survey for customer satisfaction, putting Nationwide very close to the national average score of 831. Travelers is another renters insurance company located in Kansas and holds an NAIC Complaint Index of 0.50. Though this may be better than the national average, this cannot compete with many other options in Kansas. In this category, State Farm may win out over the rest – not only does it have a low NAIC Complain Index of 0.38 (same as Nationwide), but it also has a J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey score of 850/1,000, putting it not only above its other Kansas competitors but also above the national average.

Compare Renters Insurance in Kansas for the Best Rates

As there are so many options for renters insurance companies in Kansas, it is important to compare as many as possible, and in order to do this, you need to figure out what your specific needs are. For instance, do you want to find the most affordable renters insurance company, or do you care more about certain coverage options, or perhaps you instead value having a wide range of coverage options to choose from? If you are looking for affordability, a top money-saving tip would be to bundle renters insurance with auto insurance, offering you more for what you pay and allowing you to save a substantial amount of money. If that sounds like an option you would like, you will have to look into which insurance companies offer this. Searching for companies that provide loyalty or other discounts is also something you should do if you value affordability. If you would prefer looking for the best renters insurance in Kansas, however, then deciding what you prioritise in an insurance policy and comparing the different coverage options of insurance companies is important to find a plan that is best suited to you. This advice will equip you with all the tools and knowledge you need to find the best renters insurance in Kansas for you and your specific needs and within your price range too.