National General Renters Insurance Review

Learn all you need to know before requesting a National General Renters Insurance Quote.

What to Know About National General Renters Insurance

National General has a century of expert experience in providing insurance. The company started operations as an automobile insurance company with the name General Motors Acceptance Corporate Insurance (GMAC) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States, in 1920. It changed its name to National General recently in 2013 and extended its coverage to include insurance policies for homes and properties. Due to this long history and industry-expertise, National General offers various useful and customer-friendly insurance solutions for home, property, and automobile insurance. Equipped with broad experience in home and property insurance, the company has expanded its scope of service and now offers renters insurance to tenants outside their landlords’ insurance interests. National General renters insurance ensures that tenants have liability protection in the case of theft, robbery, or damage due to natural disasters, including multi-policy and college education discounts, amongst others. These policies are offered through its Insurance Homeowners Program, which allows you to customize your coverages to your needs.
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What National General Renters Insurance Covers

If you’ve been wondering, “what does National General renters insurance cover?”, the answer is straightforward; it covers you and your personal property in the three unique ways. Its personal property coverage ensures that your personal property or any related possessions are well-protected in any event. There are limits to this, for particular items such as jewelry and furs. But the worth of these items can be calculated, and additional coverage can be purchased based on their value to extend protection to them. Therefore, there’s room for the protection of all items you own. It also has medical expense coverage, so your medical expenses to others resulting from bodily injury will be reasonably taken care of to a certain degree. Its third option is Liability coverage, which offers protection against bodily injury risks of a specific kind, including property damage. This includes accidents that occur both within and outside your home, as long as you or your property caused them. Although this excludes car accidents of any form, legal defense costs are provided if you’re taken to court over such accidents.
Nobody ever wishes for natural disasters such as a flood. However, these acts of God are sometimes inevitable; and are at best prepared for. National General Renters Insurance water damage usually covers water damage from inside the building is common, but flood damage isn’t often covered by renters insurance. So does National General Renters Insurance cover flood damage? Yes, the company provides a way to insure your home and property from such inevitability. National General Renters Insurance brings affordable flood insurance to the table through its partnership with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The partnership makes it possible for the company to offer a reasonably priced flood damage coverage to protect apartments and businesses. The flood insurance program pays fast and pays regardless of whether or not the flooding was declared as a national disaster. There are two types of insurance coverages for flood damage. The first is flood insurance, which covers the structure affected by the flood up to the tune of $250,000. It does not, however, cover the value of the land. The other policy is content insurance. Content insurance covers the property contained in the building affected by the flood, up to the tune of $100,000.
Your lovely innocent pet dog, which is usually well-behaved, chases a squirrel into your neighbor’s lawn, ruining the lawn. At this point, you might ask, “does National General Renters Insurance cover pet damage?” The simple answer is yes. However, your National General renters insurance doesn’t provide an umbrella cover against all types of pet damage. Typically, it doesn’t cover pet damage to personal property, as it is assumed that you bring a pet into your home at your own risk. However, this is not the case in instances where your pet causes damage to another property or person. It offers two categories of pet damage coverage, the first being property damage, which covers damages caused by your pet to other people’s property. The second type of National General Renters Insurance pet coverage covers liability. This refers to liabilities arising from injuries caused by a pet or resultant lawsuits from such injuries. Be informed that National General Renter Insurance would not cover pets that have not been disclosed or that are illegal or exotic. This insurance differs from a large from the standard pet insurance.

National General Renters Insurance Review and Costs at a Glance

National General Renters insurance review has been mostly positive, with great feedback from the majority of its customers. However, there are few complaints about the National General from its customers, which isn’t surprising, given its long history of providing comprehensive insurance services. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction has been excellent. After detailed consideration of the company’s transparency, business type, the number of years they have spent in the business, and its complaint history, the BBB gave it an A+ rating. Another National General Renters insurance review ranked it 3 out of 5 with respect to its claims satisfaction and overall satisfaction, although this was before its 2013 name change. National General Renters Insurance cost isn’t available on their website, but it offers multiple discounts for college education, gated communities, protective devices, claim-free, and multi-policy. When inquiring about the National General Renters Insurance price form your National General agent, be sure to ask about these discounts.
National General Renters Insurance Stats OverviewNumbers
Average Cost in the U.S for National General Renters Insurance Annually$131.68
Average Cost in the U.S for National General Renters Insurance Monthly$10.97
National General Renters Insurance JD Power Rating2/5
BBB rating for National GeneralA+

How Much is Renters Insurance Through National General in Your State

Rental insurance, quite unlike some homeowner’s insurance, is relatively cheap. However, the price varies from state to state and depends on some peculiarities. So, how much is renters insurance through National General in your state? In general, renter’s insurance through National General goes for an average rate of $12 per month. People living in states with high crime rates or states prone to floods have the most expensive rates. The reverse applies to states with low crime, flood, or fire outbreak rates. However, you can further reduce your cost by installing a fire detector, security systems, internal sprinklers.

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How to Get a National General Renters Insurance and Auto Insurance Discount

Bundling more than one insurance policy can be quite straightforward. If you are looking to get a renter or auto insurance with National General Insurance company, the company would ask you if you’d instead bundle with another policy. Suppose you already have auto insurance, considering that it is mandated by law, you may want to bundle auto and renter insurance with National General. There are National General Renters Insurance and auto insurance discounts for such a bundle to lower premium costs. Being formerly a part of the General Motors, National General Insurance offers excellent auto discounts on GM vehicles, as high as a 20% multi-policy discount. If you decide to take advantage of these discounts, you may need to give your previous company a 30-day notice. This is to prevent your current company from continually billing you. You can negotiate lower auto-insurance prices by paying your premium in full and upfront, insuring multiple vehicles, tracking your mileage with electronics, and enabling anti-theft features.

How Much Does National General Renters Insurance Cost Versus Competitors

National General Insurance is one of many such insurance companies offering renters insurance. As a customer, it is understandable that you want to explore various options to find the cheapest available option. Some of the competition includes Allstate, Geico, American Family, Nationwide, Progressive, and the General. Though they all have high ratings according to the J.D Power’s 2019 U.S. Renters Insurance study, National General still retains high ranking for offering some of the cheapest rates. Currently, the General still stands as one of the most expensive in the market, surpassing National General by over $90.

Getting in Touch with National General Renters Insurance

Most times, you may not need to claim your renter’s insurance. However, in the unlikely event that you suffer an accident, or theft, a fire, or a flood, whatever the case that results in a loss or damage of insured rented property, it is time to file a claim. A National General Renters Insurance claim is easy to file. First, you have to reach out to the company by calling the number on your policy card, but be prepared to give details on the incidence. There is no saying on how long it would take to process your claim. Although it could take as little 24 hours depending on the nature of the case at hand. Albeit, there are some tips to make the process faster. For instance, maintaining the damaged items in their damaged state until the claims adjuster access it is a no brainer but can also be a deal-breaker. Alternatively, you can take pictures of the damaged items or take an inventory of the lost items. You should also keep track of receipts, expenses, purchases, repairs associated with the loss.
People are in the habit of getting a renter’s policy, and not following up on it until they have suffered a loss. This behavior can be costly in the long run. There are a few easy things you can do to ease your National General Renters Insurance renewal. For starters, you should take an inventory of your belongings. Keep a record of as many of your belongings as possible. Record serial numbers if possible, take pictures of items you can write down. Pictures help to show precisely the condition of the items. Next is to store this list in a safe place, preferably a safe deposit box. This list becomes valuable in the event of a theft or even a loss, as it would help ascertain the extent of the loss. Don’t forget to revise the policy to ensure it reflects your desired coverage. Also, ensure you meet your deductible amounts consistently. This goes without saying, but you should always take necessary measures to prevent losses and damages from occurring in the first place. Lastly, before you renew, ensure your deductibles and replacement values are accurate.
When your renter’s insurance policy no longer serves you, probably because you are moving out of a rented apartment, that may be a good time to terminate your policy or upgrade to a befitting policy. Start by reaching out to National General and inform the company of your intention to cancel your policy. Depending on the length of the term or how much time is left before the policy’s completion, the cancellation penalty may differ. It is essential to find out the penalty in the National General Renters Insurance cancellation policy before proceeding. Provide National General with a written and signed request to cancel your policy. This is important for official purposes. Then you need to provide a mail through which you can be contacted should the need arise to forward you cancellation documents and refunds. If you fail to do these, you may risk your policy’s cancellation due to lack of payment. For more information on how to cancel National General Renters Insurance policy online, log in with your policy number, navigate the learning center, or contact customer care.

Getting a National General Renters Insurance Quote and Deciding Whether National General is Right for You

Although many people take on homeowner’s insurance, not many bother about renters insurance. While the Landlord may take care of significant repairs to the apartment, damages, and loss of personal property are beyond his purview. Renters Insurance also extends to cover liability that may arise from you to others or their property. For instance, if your dog bites a neighbor and such a neighbor decides to sue, a renter’s insurance would cover such an incidence. A renter’s insurance would also cover loss to private property resulting from theft, loss due to flood, fire outbreak. It also offers an opportunity to bundle your auto insurance with your renter insurance at a discounted rate. You can request a National General Renters insurance quote via its website if you’re convinced of their service quality.