Month To Month Renters Insurance

Getting Renters Insurance On a Month-to-Month Basis

Renters insurance is an essential part of living in or moving into an apartment. All kinds of other damage or accidents can occur, and when they do, you're going to want renters insurance. Many people assume that the only option for renters insurance is getting in a large package-- say, 12 months or six months renters insurance. However, this is not the only option. A month-to-month renters insurance, for many people, works far better for their lifestyle. This can be for several reasons, but one of the reasons could be because they also rent month-to-month, and it lines up with what they want to do at the moment. When it comes to these kinds of situations, month-to-month renters insurance can be beneficial for many people.

Short-Term Renters Insurance

It can often be as cheap as around $10 a month to have renters insurance. While the first month of a shorter policy might be more expensive, this is expected. This increase, usually minor, covers the minimum earned premium and extra—minimum earned premium being a certain amount of coverage that must be there since the policy exists. When because people with apartments may try to rent via Airbnb or other similar services, it makes sense to have Renters insurance when you have unknown factors in your apartment. While most people who stay will probably not damage or destroy anything, you could be out of a whole lot of money if you're not covered. Short-term renters insurance is perfect for that. It allows you to control cost and coverage.
month to month renters insurance

Canceling Annual Renters Insurance

You might ask, 'Can I get renters insurance for three months,' and while the answer is yes, do you need it that long? Many people who have a six-month lease with a twelve-month policy feel the same. You can cancel a renters insurance plan and be reimbursed for the coverage you didn't yet receive. It's a creative sort of trick around the rules if you want a specific length of your renters' insurance. However, be careful of one thing: many plans have penalties for canceling the plan and not paying through until the end date of the policy. Try to see if you can get three months or six months of renters insurance first, or read the fine print before you resort to canceling an annual plan unless you know the fine print of the paperwork you agreed to.

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The Importance of Renters Insurance

You might ask, 'why do I need renters insurance at all?' but that would be the wrong attitude to have. While many would view it as an extra bill that they don't need, renters insurance is essential. Many apartments are at far more risk of fire damage, water damage, theft, and any other common type of damage than ordinary homes are. With all of this in mind, it's far cheaper to be insured and protect against damage that will end up being inevitable one day. Renters insurance is essential, and if you're already renting or are going to be soon and don't have it, it's probably a smart idea to at least get a quote and see what kind of policies and options are available. And remember, there are all kinds of short options or month-to-month renters insurance available if you don't want to pay for a full policy!