Mercury Renters Insurance Review

“Getting a Mercury renters insurance quote is as easy as a call away.”

What to Know About Mercury Renters Insurance

In recent times, Mercury has put in a lot of effort to harness more experience by increasing their advert rates. Mercury’s existence dates as far back as 1962, which implies they have been in the business of securing people by offering auto insurance, life insurance among others for almost 60 years now. This shows experience and screams quality. Moving past experience, a key factor to consider for any insurance company is their financial strength. Speaking about the financial strength of any insurance company, one needs to examine this based on the company’s ability to pay its claim and policies. Mercury insurance no doubt stands tall in this evaluation. The question does mercury offer renters insurance is only appropriate at a point like this. Mercury insurance offers renters services and an outstanding one at that. Mercury renters insurance is one that is made available in 10 states in the USA. They have their base in Los Angeles, CA where they offer a wide range of juicy offers on their renters insurance.
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What Mercury Renters Insurance Covers

The range of what renters insurance generally covers is vast and numerous. What does mercury renters insurance cover in particular? Mercury renters insurance covers guest medical protection on all accidents that happens to your guest within your rented space. It also covers your personal properties against theft or damage. This doesn’t end there, it also covers your reimbursed temporary living expense in cases whereby the apartment becomes unlivable for a period of time. The renters insurance also covers liabilities which about sums up the basic offers they cover. Asides this, other additions like earthquake coverage which would have you secured in a situation whereby you properties got damaged in an earthquake. Another additional coverage is the identity theft protection. And finally, is the protection of valuables like precious stones, gold and so on against theft, damage or even loss. All these are optional coverages that can be added to the basic standard offering of your renters insurance policy with mercury.
The question does mercury renters insurance cover flood damage is a very valid one. This service is not attached with the renters package of mercury insurance. Instead you would have to buy a separate insurance to cover flood as well as any form of mold damage. Mercury renters insurance water damage on the other hand covers some aspect of water damage but doesn’t cover others. With a combination of the flood damage policy with the normal mercury renters insurance policy standard package, you would be able to achieve optimum value. Combining these two policies would no doubt afford you some mouthwatering discount. This coverage of flood is often times not a necessity for region without a flooding problem. Irrespective of flood generally, the mercury renters insurance policy would have you covered for basic water damage problem.
The question on your mind if you own a pet is does mercury renters insurance cover pet damage? Well, Yes mercury renters insurance does cover some type of pet damage and not all. It would be a huge fallacy to say mercury renters insurance pet coverage is absolute and definite on all forms of pet related damages. The first step is for you as an individual looking to go for the renters insurance to declare you have a pet in the first place. This disclosure is because a thousand and one thing can go wrong with a pet. It could inflict fatal injuries, damage other people’s valuables and so on. Mercury renters insurance pet coverage has you covered for the important pet liabilities like injuries and property damage as long as the pet in particular falls into the category of a pet for mercury insurance. Keeping a fully-grown tiger as a pet despite it being not aggressive cannot be covered by such insurance irrespective of whether you are licensed to keep such pet or not.

Mercury Renters Insurance Review and Costs at a Glance

Mercury has a number of complaints that is within the state regulation when evaluated based on their complains over the last couple of years. Mercury renters insurance review has an over 1 star ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is an indication that claims with Mercury takes some time before they get sorted. This is the only downside to Mercury renters insurance. In terms of customer satisfaction on the other hand, they get a 4.5/5 star rating. For J.D. Power rating on the other hand has a 3/5 star which is an indication of an overall satisfaction generally. Mercury renters insurance cost is one that offers you a standard package for as low as $11 a month. Mercury renters insurance price also varies depending on what other policy you’d like to combine as well as the various policy and property discount that applies to your peculiar package. Every policy and property discount are made to be as accommodating as possible.
Mercury Renters Insurance Stats OverviewNumbers
Average Cost in the U.S for Mercury Renters Insurance Annually$173.16
Average Cost in the U.S for Mercury Renters Insurance Monthly$14.43
Mercury Renters Insurance JD Power Rating2/5
BBB rating for MercuryA+

How Much is Renters Insurance Through Mercury in Your State

If you are on a budget, it is only necessary that the question of how much is renters insurance through mercury be on your mind. Mercury insurance is located in just ten states in the United states. This no doubt makes the scope a very compact one. For as low as $11 a month, you can get a renters insurance through mercury. This price is not fixed, it could vary depending on other coverages you add and a little difference in respect to various states.

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How to Get a Mercury Renters Insurance and Auto Insurance Discount

Getting a mercury renters insurance and auto insurance discount is important to enjoy the maximum benefits associated with combining policies. Merging the mercury renter and auto insurance is one of the ways in which you can save money with mercury renters insurance. When you bundle auto and renters insurance with Mercury, you get become closer to the company like one big family and they in turn help you save cost and time by giving you discounts on such bundles. Getting this package gives you room to negotiate for the mercury renters insurance discount. The way to go about this is by simply requesting for the mercury multi-policy bundling discount. The beauty about getting these prices is that it doesn’t cost a penny. All you need do is place a request on the website and you get a quote that is well discounted within minutes.

How Much Does Mercury Renters Insurance Cost Versus Competitors

The choice of Mercury for renters insurance is one of the many other insurance company with the same offer in the field. Mercury renters insurance cost just $11 a month whereas comparing this with other in the game like Liberty mutual who offers the same standard for just $5 a month. American family on the other hand offers an average of $15 a month on renters insurance. Allstate who ranked well in J.D Power study offers their renters insurance for as low as $4 a month. All these shows different variations in cost.

Getting in Touch with Mercury Renters Insurance

In order to get any claim whatsoever, it is important to properly document events. Mercury renters insurance claim process is a simple one that requires you to properly take picture or videos of any damage you would like to lay claim for. Then proceed to make a call or walk into their office and the rest becomes very easy. Documentation in very important in the claim process of any form of insurance; renters included. The need to file a claim arises when a damage occurs, theft or as the case may be. The mercury renters insurance phone number is available on the website to make claims. There are no time restrictions to filing claims on phone with mercury insurance. Their claim hotlines are always open 24 hours of everyday. When you put a call through concerning the claim, their customer care representatives are on deck to walk you through the rest of the process hitch free. The only hassle is there is no direct link to file for claim on the website directly. You would still have to walk in at all times.
In order to get a mercury renters insurance renewal, all you have to do is notify them either by call or on the website about this. A renewal is very important. It is as important as getting the initial renters insurance in itself. This is because a failure to get the renewal through infers you no longer have an active insurance plan. This would in turn pose a threat to your properties and valuables. When notifying mercury of your plan to renew your renters insurance policy, it is vital to run an inventory of all items that was under the previous plan in order to keep it updated where necessary. This is so that newly added properties can be included and ones that no longer exist can be removed. In order to avoid situations in which you forget to renew, there are various option that allows you insure your renters for a longer period of either six months or a year depending on your choice.
There is often need to cancel mercury renters insurance. This could be as a result of a move away from the region under the jurisdiction of Mercury. This could also be as a result of you become a landlord. Whatever the case may be, cancellation with mercury insurance is not considered an act of terrorism and as such is welcomed with open arms. Before you go ahead with such plan, it is crucial to understand the mercury renters insurance cancellation policy. This would afford you the opportunity to still get the very best out of cancellation and possibly get to switch to a better plan or another insurance company. How to cancel mercury renters insurance is a simple process that can be done digitally or manually. You could walk right into the office and make this plan know to them. On the other hand, how to cancel mercury renters insurance online is even much more easier and less stressful. All you need do is fill a form online and they would walk you through the process effortlessly.

Getting a Mercury Renters Insurance Quote and Deciding Whether Mercury is Right for You

Getting mercury renters insurance quote is even a lot easier than you’d imagine. All you need to do is request for a quote through their website and from there you are good to go. When asking for a quote, it is very important to also request for all the available discount you could get and you likewise list every property you own. The only potential downside is the claim process of Mercury insurance which takes time and not possible on the website but they have calls to make up for it. Online quote is very easy and be gotten within just 15 minutes of making a request. The process to decide if mercury is the right insurance to go to for your renters is one that requires you to weigh all pros and con listed in this review. It is no doubt evident that the pros definitely outweigh the cons.