The Hartford Renters Insurance Review

Everything you need to know about The Hartford Renters Insurance Quote.

What to Know About The Hartford Renters Insurance

The Hartford has been around for 200 years, providing quality insurance services to homeowners and renters. The company started providing insurance for homes as far back as 1810, before including automobiles in 1913. Since then, thousands of properties and automobiles have been insured against accidents, risks, and liabilities. Owing to these two centuries of expert experience, the company is now a leader in insurance. On top of that, it has adapted well to the changing technology of the 21st century. The company has thus acquired adequate resources and ideas that cater properly to customer needs. These ideas are equally effective for property and automobile insurance, and customers are given a variety of options to explore. One of the new options The Hartford offers is renters insurance. The Renters Insurance makes provision for liability protection from vandalism, theft, burglary, fire and smoke damage, and other forms of accident in a rented property. It also offers customers the ability to negotiate attractive discounts under certain conditions.
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What The Hartford Renters Insurance Covers

The following is a quick guide to show what The Hartford Renters Insurance covers and the peculiarities of each coverage as it may apply to you. Its Personal Property Coverage makes provisions for damaged home items, including electric appliances, bags, clothing, and furniture. Another policy is its Personal Liability Coverage, which provides two forms of protection for the customer. It covers legal action taken against you for any injury you may inflict on a person, and it also covers property damage for which you are responsible. The second form of protection it offers involves payment for all expenses related to your legal defense. The cost of your legal case is also covered by personal liability. A third coverage option is the Property Damage to Others Coverage, and it helps you take care of expenses when you accidentally damage property that isn’t yours. Another useful one is the Loss of Use Coverage to take care of your extra living expenses when your property becomes unlivable due to damage. It is provided when the cost of your temporary housing is higher than your current rent.
The Hartford Renters Insurance covers flood damage, but the flood insurance is not automatic. It is usually not covered in normal renters insurance policy; therefore, it is important to review the policy. If it is ascertained that your renters insurance covers flood damage, you are safe. But it is unlikely that it would, so when it doesn’t, it is best to pay for a flood insurance policy. This ensures that your property is protected in the event of a flood, together with its contents. It is also important to note that flood insurance is needed no matter where you live because floods can occur anywhere. So, you do not have to be in a high-risk zone before getting a flood insurance policy. For The Hartford flood insurance policy, your cost of coverage will be similar to other companies. This rate is determined by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), as established by the federal government, and you can report a flood claim anytime.
The Hartford Renters Insurance covers pet damage, but only to a limited extent. It definitely won’t cover all forms of damages caused by your pet. It is particularly important to make a disclosure of your pet to your insurer. This is to ensure that your insurer won’t refuse your pet coverage on the grounds of non-disclosure. So, The Hartford Renters Insurance pet coverage is not as straightforward as other forms of damage coverage. Therefore, it is important to note that certain forms of pet damage will be covered, but not all. It is equally important to be aware that instances, where they are not covered, cannot be fully described. But it is possible to refer to instances where pet coverage will be provided. Such instances include cases of injuries in cases where your pet bites or attacks other people. The company will pay for the legal expenses in this case. The same goes for property damage caused by your pet.

The Hartford Renters Insurance Review and Costs at a Glance

The Hartford gets an unusually high number of complaints from customers. This is surprising considering the company’s history, professional experience, and emphasis on customer satisfaction. However, this does not entirely drown out the positive ratings and recommendations that the company has garnered. Therefore, The Hartford Renters Insurance review consists of mixed feedback from its customers. The Hartford is also not BBB accredited, which, again, is quite unexpected. But, after taking into account the company’s transparency practices, type of business, and business experience, gave The Hartford Renters Insurance an A+ rating. A number of factors determine The Hartford Renters Insurance cost. These factors include the location of the customer and the calculated value of their personal items and property. It also includes the safety of the neighborhood where the property is located. It is these very factors that determine The Hartford Renters Insurance price for each individual. The standard price is around $180, which, as earlier mentioned, varies depending on location and property valuation.
The Hartford Renters Insurance Stats OverviewData
Average Cost in the U.S for The Hartford Renters Insurance Annually$90.64
Average Cost in the U.S for The Hartford Renters Insurance Monthly$7.55
The Hartford Renters Insurance JD Power Rating3/5
BBB rating for The HartfordC+

How Much is Renters Insurance Through The Hartford in Your State

How much renters insurance is through The Hartford depends on three main factors: your location, your type of coverage, and your insurance or credit score. The safer your location, the lower the cost. The higher the value of your items, the higher the value of coverage. And the higher your credit score, lower the cost of insurance premiums. The Average price of The Hartford Renters Insurance is $188. The most expensive state for The Hartford Renters Insurance is Mississippi, with a price of $262. And the least expensive state for The Hartford Renters Insurance is North Dakota, with a price of $114.

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How to Get a The Hartford Renters Insurance and Auto Insurance Discount

The Hartford offers discounts to customers and different ways of negotiating lower prices. This allows you to reduce the cost of the policy you want to purchase to cater to your budget. Bringing down the limits of your coverage can be a good way of achieving this. And you can also opt for low coverage rates all round, based on your assessment of the kind of protection you need. There a few The Hartford Renters Insurance and auto insurance discounts , the first of which is the Bundle auto and renters insurance with The Hartford. It is a multi-policy discount that saves you about 20% of your policy by adding it to an auto insurance policy. A different discount option is The Hartford Renters Insurance discount, which provides you with 24-hour security credit, although it requires your property to possess round the clock security. The last of The Hartford Renters Insurance discount is the Renewal discount. Early renewal of your policy every year also makes you entitled to renewal discounts.

How Much Does The Hartford Renters Insurance Cost Versus Competitors

The Hartford Renters Insurance has competitors. Let’s compare The Hartford Renters Insurance cost to those of its competitors. One such competitor is the USAA, which offers renters insurance at $12 per month, and has fewer complaints than average in its customer reviews. The Hartford Renters Insurance is $15.6 per month, although it has more complaints than average in its customer reviews. State Farm offers renters insurance at $12 per month and has fewer complaints than average in its customer reviews. Lastly, American family offers its renters insurance at $15 per month and also has fewer complaints than average in its customer reviews.

Getting in Touch with The Hartford Renters Insurance

The Hartford Renters Insurance claim is easy to file because the process is not in any way technical. It can be done as fast as possible, taking as little of your time as possible according to their customers. You are also not left alone to do it on your own, because professionals guide you. These professionals are available to help 24/7 and can be easily reached on the phone. You can also visit the claim center for more direct access or call The Hartford Renters Insurance phone number. Additionally, The Hartford provides you with useful tips on how to protect your property to avoid having to file a claim. These include keeping your items and property as secure as you can manage. You can achieve this by always having your apartment under lock. Also, make sure to keep your valuables in a safe place when you are not at home. And take the proper steps to reduce the risk of hazards that can damage your property or cause injury.
Renters policies usually last for a year, and after every year, your insurer will offer you a renewal. Therefore, you do not need to always reapply. Although, you can decide to review your coverage anytime, either for cancellation or an update. The Hartford Renters Insurance renewal is a straightforward process. You will be given new policy documents stating the terms of the coverage you are purchasing. You can decide to upgrade by paying for additional coverage or save some money by reducing the number of coverages. Keep in mind that if you renew your renters policy year by year, you will be entitled to The Hartford Renters Insurance renewal discount, which would reduce the cost for you. Filing a claim in the previous year can also affect your renewal cost. This may lead to an increase in your policy price. But if you have been with the company for more than a year, discounts might offset it.
The Hartford Renters Insurance policy protects the customer’s interests by covering different forms of damages or liabilities. These damages can be caused to one’s personal property or a third party’s. They can also be caused by floods, earthquakes, or any other form of natural disaster. And when they are not natural disasters, they could be caused by theft, burglary, robbery, or vandalism. The benefits are so numerous, even bodily injuries within the home are covered as well. And these extraordinary benefits become even more glaring when the coverage of legal expenses is also considered. Given all these benefits, it wouldn’t be extreme to assume that a customer would want to remain a beneficiary of this policy. But in the case that cancellation is being considered for one reason or another, it is not difficult. However, before you do so, ensure you’ve read The Hartford Renters Insurance cancellation policy for hidden fees and what files to prepare before you cancel The Hartford Renters Insurance. When you’re ready, put a call through to the customer service or AARP. Although, they will still be entitled to the protections provided by the policy until their purchase expires.

Getting a The Hartford Renters Insurance Quote and Deciding Whether The Hartford is Right for You

The Hartford Renters Insurance quote is free and can be easily accessed online. The most important thing to consider is that the cost of your policy depends on factors. These include your location, coverage type, and your insurance or credit score. For this reason, your policy may cost higher or lower than the average price. But if your location is safe and your credit score is not too high, the cost should be quite moderate for you. You’ll have to provide the following information, such as your name, address, length of time at residence, email, phone number, house size and type, and your previous claims on the company’s website. The value of your renters insurance policy will be calculated a The Hartford Renters Insurance quote will be sent to you, once the above information is submitted. You will also be provided with the option to modify your coverage limits by reducing or expanding them.