Farmers Renters Insurance Review

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What to Know About Farmers Renters Insurance

Farmers offers renters insurance to most of America, with offices and insurance agents in every state in the U.S. These agents are equipped to sell renters insurance as a standalone policy, or in bundles with other insurance types like auto and life. Farmers renters insurance covers a wide range of unexpected challenges that can occur on a property that you don't own, covering problems for which you could be held liable as well as those where you aren't. Their policies grant financial relief for cases like property damage from a fire you caused, a lawsuit from a guest that was injured while on your rented property, costs for temporary housing if the landlord needs to make extensive repairs, and even the value of stolen items in the event of a break-in. Beyond their discounted rates for bundling renters insurance with other types like auto and life, Farmers also offers incentives for households that have been smoke-free for at least two years, and those with approved electronic security and/or fire alarms.
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What Farmers Renters Insurance Covers

The most important question you should be asking yourself is: what does Farmers renters insurance cover? After all, it isn't ideal to find a policy that's easy on your budget only to find out it doesn't give you the kind of protection you need to feel secure. According to Farmers' official website and confirmations from customers, the insurance company offers a few different options that cover most mishaps that complicate life in rental properties. Farmers renter insurance covers a number of potential challenges for renters, including damage from many sources such as fires, smoke, vandalism, wind damage, water damage, and personal injuries to visitors. Regarding the value of the Farmers commonly covered items, they include such items as electronics and appliances like computers and televisions, furniture, clothing, expenses during an extended stay elsewhere during repairs, and medical or legal fees incurred if someone is injured on your property. Among the top provides of renters insurance in the U.S., these incentives are considered slightly above average in terms of coverage and variation.
Farmers' offers no information on their official website as to whether their renters insurance covers flood damage. This omission may be because Farmers sells flood insurance policies, and don't intend to make one policy a part of another. Essentially, if you are renting in an area that is expected to be at risk for flooding, you may want to consider bundling flood insurance with your renters insurance from Farmers. Alternatively, you can check with the landlord of the property you're renting and find out if he or she has flood insurance on the property. Farmers renters insurance covers water damage from inside sources, such as burst pipes and overflowing appliances like toilets and washing machines, as well as HVAC systems, sprinklers, and water than enters your rented space from an adjoining unit. As with most coverages related to natural disasters, insurance buyers are encouraged to check with the local Farmers renters insurance broker to see if there are specials that pertain to the area, or rely on our expertise to make it clear.
The issue of whether Farmers renters insurances covers pets in their renters insurance policy is important, especially considering many landlords in America require some type of insurance to cover animals living in their rented properties. Farmers mentions pets in their renters insurance section of their official website, but it is under a section marked 'other insurance options to consider'. From this, we can gather that Farmers intends to sell their pet insurance as a standalone policy rather than an add-on to what they consider an equivalent policy. Renters should consider this before taking Farmers renters insurance as an option. Their pricing might be such that it's still a good deal for both policies if the coverage is more compete a renters policy where it's included. Lastly, consider the coverage limits of any pet-related insurance you buy, whether it's through a renters insurance policy or not. The payouts for a lap dog might be okay if they're a few thousand dollars, but a large dog can cause a lot more financial problems.

Farmers Renters Insurance Review and Costs at a Glance

According to the most trusted Farmers renters insurance reviews on consumer reporting, Farmers renters insurance is average among renters insurance in terms of policy and pricing. Farmers renters insurance costs around $181 per year, or $15 per month, based on their national average, which places them in the middle of the pack compared to other insurance companies, which range from $10 per month to as high as $25 per month. Farmers renters insurance prices are low, though their ranking of 2 out of 5 on JD Power and Associates poll--which measures their ability to satisfy customers and deliver on promises made on their website--places them at or slightly below a decent grade. As it is one of the larger insurance companies, Farmers can offer more incentives for your way of life and voluntary security measures than a smaller company, so their incentives are generally more robust than the average in terms of discount rates and volume. Their billing policies, claims process, and customer satisfaction were all considered average as of 2019.
Farmers Renters Insurance Stats OverviewStats
Average Cost in the U.S for Farmers Renters Insurance Annually$168.66
Average Cost in the U.S for Farmers Renters Insurance Monthly$14.06
Farmers Renters Insurance JD Power Rating3/5
BBB rating for FarmersA+

How Much is Renters Insurance Through Farmers in Your State

For the big insurance agencies that operate in America, finding out how much renters insurance costs through Farmers in any given state usually requires a quote. More than the state level, the average price of Farmers renters insurance can change with each zip code. The pricing of Farmers renters insurance from state to state is consistent with their nationwide average of $181, with random quotes for different zip codes yielding results from as low as $12 per month to as high as $23 per month.

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How to Get a Farmers Renters Insurance and Auto Insurance Discount

Since virtually everyone needs auto insurance, it is most common to see auto insurance bundled with other types, like renter's insurance. Bundling with other types is an excellent way to save on the cost of renters insurance, and it becomes an easier choice. Insurance buyers can qualify for discounts on renters and auto insurance bundles with Farmers in most states; check with your insurance agent to see which options are available. Most of the automated quote generators will allow you to see the discounts as they're calculated. If you're searching online for Farmers renters insurance discounts, enter the information for a quote with auto and renters insurance bundled, and then observe them individually to see how much your saved. Compare these rates to quotes from other companies--either as standalone policies or part of bundles--and see which ones offer you the most coverage for the least amount of money. Even if you currently have auto insurance, there may be a long-term solution that will become available once the insurance terms expire.

How Much Does Farmers Renters Insurance Cost Versus Competitors

If you're comparing Farmers Renters Insurance cost, finding the most affordable policies is easier when you have options. Multiple quotes could reveal hidden discounts and bundles that inform the decision even more. Insurance is a part of our existence, and living in a rented property brings potential liability not present in homeownership. Getting coverage can sometimes overwhelm with the amount of information companies present at any time. To compare rates from Farmers Renters Insurance costs with other insurance agencies with similar packaging, we provide access to quotes and information to help you make sound decisions when the time comes.

Getting in Touch with Farmers Renters Insurance

Filing a Farmer's renters insurance claim can be a stressful process, which could be even more stressful if the claims process isn't user-friendly. Fortunately, a Farmers renters insurance claim can be completed with a ew simple methods, each of which provide different levels of convenience for consumers who prefer communicating a certain way. The most common way to file a claim with Farmers renters insurance is to use their online portal under Claims Services ( where registered users can begin the claims process online by pressing a button, which opens the online claims form. This page is also provides useful items to help you along like the ability to view a pending claim's status, send documents, find a representative, or chat live with a customer service agent. A similar setup exists in Farmers' mobile app, except optimized for smaller screens. Claimants can also start claims submission process by sending a specified text to a specified number, or you can always call their toll-free number and speak with a representative.
Instead of creating a new policy each time a one-year insurance term expires, insurance companies will often offer renewals. Renewals are offers made around the time of expiration for you to continue service for another year. It's a smart move to start comparing quotes at this point, so you know if any competition is offering better rates than before. Farmers renter insurance renewal the same as any new policy, where taking inventory and logging the value o prized assets is the goal. It is vital take pictures of the most expensive in their original condition. If these items ever sustain damage as part of a claim, adjusters will need to determine if they were broke recently or always broken. Take not of of items like coin collections that increase in value over time. After writing down the relevant serial numbers and storing receipts, review the renewal's policy to make sure the deductibles and limits are agreeable. Put away enough money to cover at least one deductible and you're ready to renew!
This section is for those having a hard time trying to figure out how to cancel your Farmers renters insurance policy. The reasons differ: maybe you could no longer afford the payments; perhaps you had a bad claims experience; or maybe you found a better deal for your needs with their competitors. Either way, you should know that the methods of cancellation to avoid further billing are different with each company. Farmer's renters insurance cancellation policy calls for a phone call from you to your local agent to cancel your renters policy, or if that person is available and time is urgent, a phone call to customer service number. Farmers likely installed this policy to avoid misunderstandings, so they require some type of identity and verbal confirmation from their consumers before they leave them uninsured. You should always be sure to have another policy already in place for mandated insurance before you cancel a current service, and be sure that you obtain written confirmation of your Farmers renters insurance cancellation.

Getting a Farmers Renters Insurance Quote and Deciding Whether Farmers is Right for You

We've always been of the understanding that the best way to make sound decisions about choosing an insurance company for renters insurance is to compare the top companies rates and coverage. While Farmers is considered a reliable insurance company that most people consider trustworthy, comparing their quotes with other elite companies, as well as local companies, is still the most effective method to narrow the search. Sometimes the least expensive option fails to provide coverage, or the other way around. Finding a Farmers renters insurance quote is usually a simple operation that involves pressing a large quote button. You should expect that any insurance quote mechanism will as that you provide some locational information so Farmers can gather what the rates will be based on your location and other considerations. You should also expect to provide a name, email address, and phone number. The name can be any nickname or something you make up if you'd like; however, the email address and phone must be connected to verified sources.