Esurance Renters Insurance Review

Esurance is a well-established company. Decide the coverage you need, and when you want it, and get your Esurance renters insurance quote.

What to Know About Esurance Renters Insurance

Esurance was founded in San Francisco in 1999. During that time, they became one of the first insurance companies to sell a policy to consumers over the internet. In 2011, it got acquired by Allstate and then Esurance became a major player in the insurance arena. They offer protection for everything that matters at every stage of life. They started offering car insurance in 43 states. After that, they expanded and provide homeowners, motorcycle insurance and more. Does Esurance offer renters insurance? and the answer is “Yes”. Esurance Renters insurance is the best affordable insurance for renters to consider as it protects them and their belongings while renting an apartment and will reimburse for damaged or stolen items. It provides peace of mind to the customers as the purchasing process is super simple and claims are handled appropriately. People who bundle renters insurance with other lines of insurance, such as car insurance, get a discount on both the policies, which saves them some money.
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What Esurance Renters Insurance Covers

Esurance is an in-demand company for renters’ insurance as they are one of the first companies to advertise that you could do everything online. Let’s have a look at what does Esurance renters insurance covers? Whether you live in a shoebox studio or luxury apartment, Esurance renter’s insurance helps keep your stuff safe. It protects personal property (your things), personal liability (if someone is hurt in your home), medical payments to others (if a guest or visitor is injured on the property you rent), and additional living expenses (if you break or damage someone else’s property). Your landlord might have insurance coverage for the apartment you live in. But that doesn’t include your belonging you keep at that place. In case of fire, burglary, or if someone is injured in your apartment, you don’t need to worry, Esurance renter insurance will cover it for you. It will be covered under the additional living expenses coverage.
Typically, renters' insurance does not cover water or flood damage. Water damage is due to a pipe burst, roof leakage, sewage backup or flood in the basement, whereas, flood damage is due to water coming from outside or underground sources. Water or flood may cause structural damage, such as loose or buckling floors and roof or foundation cracks. You don’t want to see shocking repair bills. You might think: Do Esurance renters insurance cover flood damage or water damage? So, in case you live in an area prone to floods or other natural disasters and you have liability coverage in your insurance policy then there is comprehensive coverage that can provide additional financial protection to you. Contact an Esurance agent to discuss adding optional flood coverage to your renters' insurance policy.
Always thinking of buying pets but afraid of property damage? Does Esurance renters insurance cover pet damage? The short answer is “Yes”. Your renter insurance covers some type of pet damage. Property damage (to other’s people property) or liabilities for issues such as injuries or other lawsuits are the things that might go wrong with a pet. Luckily, these are covered under renters insurance. In case of property damage, let assume your dog is chasing a squirrel and causes damage to your yard. In this case, if the yard belongs to your neighbour then he would file a claim through your insurance company. The same rules apply in case of injuries. Your insurance company will cover the costs only if you are found liable. Other than this, there are exclusions where certain animal breeds cannot be covered such as exotic animals. In case of doubt or clarification, it is best to speak with your independent Esurance agent and asked what types of pet damage covered in your insurance policy.

Esurance Renters Insurance Review and Costs at a Glance

Esurance is a multiline insurance company that is part of the Allstate family with an A+ financial rating. It offers an opportunity to bundles up rental insurance with low-cost auto insurance. Esurance was one of the first businesses to offer insurance online and it facilitates you to manage your policy digitally. It provides free online quotes and has an easy-to-use mobile app along with intuitive tools that help take the hassle out of insurance. Furthermore, the important thing to be considered in Esurance renters insurance review is that it has thousands of agents available across the country, as well as 24/7 claims service. They explain things which are easy to understand and you can talk to a real person. They help you tailor your insurance to just what you need or want. In J.D. Power’s 2020 study, Esurance ranked seventh among 12 mid-sized insurers for customer satisfaction with buying insurance. Currently, they advertise that their average customer pays $14 per month for renters insurance.
Esurance Renters Insurance Stats OverviewFigures
Average Cost in the U.S for Esurance Renters Insurance Annually$113.34
Average Cost in the U.S for Esurance Renters Insurance Monthly$9.45
Esurance Renters Insurance JD Power Rating2/5
BBB rating for EsuranceA-

How Much is Renters Insurance Through Esurance in Your State

How much is renters insurance through Esurance depends on how much coverage you choose to buy and what deductibles you select. The good news is Esurance renters insurance policy can be obtained for as little as $14 per month. There are many ways to save on renters insurance: add renters insurance to your auto policy to get renters plus discount applied to your car insurance. The second is to choose the right amount for coverage and customize your renters' insurance policy with what works for you. Furthermore, do your research and get a few quotes to compare. Make sure your renter coverage will be there when you need it. Them check out how much you saved in these ways.

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How to Get a Esurance Renters Insurance and Auto Insurance Discount

Let’s be honest, insurance can be complicated and painful. Suppose you need a renter insurance and then auto insurance. Instead of purchasing them individually, bundle them up and ask your independent insurance agent for a discount. Always consider bundling of insurance if you need multiple insurances. When you shop for insurance, bundle auto and renters insurance with Esurance to get their Renters Plus discount applied to your car insurance. To encourage customers to buy more products from them, Esurance suggests, buying insurance in a bundle that offers some discounts. You should always compare quotes, it is most likely that policies with the same insurer lead to the biggest discounts. It is also mandatory that if you decide to change your insurance company to take advantage of a bundle discount, you should give your present company 30 days' notice. As a general rule, bundling expensive policies leads to bigger discounts. Auto and renter insurance is both expensive insurance, customers may get bundled with high discounts.

How Much Does Esurance Renters Insurance Cost Versus Competitors

Companies offering products and services in the renters' insurance market are believed to trade under very competitive conditions. Esurance is not the only choice for renters insurance. Geico, American Family, Nationwide, State Farm are some of Esurance's competitors where you can get quotes and information. In case of ratings, Geico got a 5-star rating, Allstate ranked well in J.D. Power’s study. American Family earned a perfect 5-star rating for overall satisfaction. Nationwide earned a 5-star rating for claims handling. State farm also got 5- star ratings across the board, except 2 out of 5-star rating for claims handling. Esurance provides you not only with the ability to compare quotes but also with the information you need to make the process easier.

Getting in Touch with Esurance Renters Insurance

Esurance is an arm of Allstate insurance, which offers renters insurance online. The approval process for renters insurance is not lengthy compare to other insurances. But there is one major thing to keep in mind before you start getting quotes. Understand what it would cost to replace everything you own. There are few steps to consider before applying for Esurance renters insurance: request your agent for extra insurance coverage for expensive artwork or jewelry, bundle up your renters' insurance with auto insurance, and buying your policy online. Congratulation! You’re done. After your policy is in effect, keep a copy of your insurance policy either in email or any other location safe and maintain a record of your new purchases. They will be covered in your insurance but you should have an up-to-date inventory of all your stuff. In case of need, when it is the time to file an Esurance renters insurance claim then a detailed inventory and copy of your policy will help you. Keep all these documents in a safe place.
Now it’s time to get the Esurance renters insurance renewal. But before renewal, do you have an updated inventory? Have you compiled serial numbers and receipts? There are some quick tips which will help you in renewing the insurance policy. First of all, make a list of all your belonging and keep a copy of it in a secure location such as a safe deposit box. After that, create a log book with serial numbers and receipts for as many items as possible. Take photographs of items to understand the exact condition of the item. Keep aside your emergency fund for your deductible amount in the event of a claim. Update your inventory by eliminating or adding items once a year. Review your policy and pay attention to limits, deductibles or any other information that reflects the policy coverage. Always pay attention to any valuables that may need additional insurance such as artwork or other items that increase in value then you may need to buy additional coverage.
Renters insurance not just protect your belonging but also cover liability claims, pay for a hotel when you are outside your home or pay the medical bills of your injured guest. There are many reasons to cancel Esurance renters insurance such as you are moving, you bought homeowners insurance, you are moving in with a roommate etc. Esurance renters insurance cancellation policy is simple and easy. Cancellation terms are mentioned in your renters' insurance policy. It is just contacting the company and letting them know you want to end the policy. You can contact them online through their website or by sending an email. You can also talk to an agent over the phone in order to cancel your policy. We never recommend cancelling the policy without replacing the coverage. If you don’t like your policy or if it is too expensive to afford then there are good alternatives we have for you to not cancel your policy. You can talk to the insurance company and adjust your coverage, payment terms and also get a quote for a new renters insurance policy which may lead to significant savings.

Getting a Esurance Renters Insurance Quote and Deciding Whether Esurance is Right for You

Having renters insurance can help protect your belongings if something bad happens to it or your rental and also cover liability expenses if you are caught in a lawsuit. We understand renters don’t get insurance coverage because they are concerned about the cost. Esurance renters insurance coverage is dependable and costs less than your morning latte. You can talk to our agent that can help guide you through the details that best suit your needs. Esurance agent can help you make good choices, find great savings and discounts for you, and answer your claim-related questions. Esurance renters insurance also allows you to bundle the insurance policies. You can save a lot of money if you bundle auto and renter insurance. You just have to talk to your agents and tell about the place you rent, get your Esurance renters insurance quotes, and find the right protection for your place and everything in it.