Does Renters Insurance Cover Food Loss From Broken Refrigerator

How does renters insurance cover food loss from a broken refrigerator?

Renters insurance plans can be difficult to understand, given the nuances of what is covered and in which situations. Some of our most basic needs, like food, ought to be protected, too. As a result, you may be wondering, “Does renters insurance cover refrigerator food loss?” In this article, we will discuss the situations in which renters insurance covers food loss, as well as the situations when it does not. It is of equal importance to understand when it’s appropriate to file a claim, so we will be covering that in detail, too. The cost of filing a claim can ultimately be costly if the deductible outweighs the coverage, so you’ll need to learn to consider carefully. Situations may arise in which a fridge breaks due to normal wear and tear, unforeseen perils occur, or food is spoiled simply due to the renter’s negligence.

When Is Food Loss Covered?

Renters insurance will typically cover your food loss from occurrences such as power outages, lightning damage, or electrical damage. Imagine this: you’ve just gotten home from work, only to realize that the power has been out since the morning, and most of the food in your fridge has spoiled. This seems like an inconvenience you should be able to avoid, but often times, these things happen without notice. In such an event, your renters insurance may have you covered. But, one thing to keep in mind is that every renters insurance plan is different, and with each individual renters insurance plan, there are particular stipulations that differ to others. Always remember the importance of speaking with your insurance company in detail so that you are aware of what is covered in your plan.
does renters insurance cover food loss from broken refrigerator

When Food Loss Isn't Covered

While the above information may have you excited at the prospect of one more thing being covered in your renters insurance policy, don’t be too quick to assume that any time your food spoils in your fridge, you’re going to be reimbursed. In fact, there are specific situations in which food loss from a broken refrigerator is not covered by renters insurance. Such situations include negligence (not reporting to your landlord or maintenance when you are aware of a problem with your refrigerator that needs fixed), normal wear and tear that comes with time, and certain unforeseen perils like flooding. If you suspect that the food spoilage in your broken refrigerator is a result of any of these situations, think twice before you file a claim with your renters insurance agency.

does renters insurance cover refrigerator food loss

When To File a Claim

Let’s consider when it is worth it to file a claim for food loss. Remember that with most renters insurance plans, you are going to have to pay a deductible if you file a claim. Deductibles can range from 500 to 1,000 dollars. This is a pretty hefty amount of money to pay when the items you are wanting insured likely do not outweigh this cost. Unless you are feeding a lot of people in your home, it’s unlikely that your refrigerated food has a total value anywhere near that amount ($500 or more). So, it’s good to consider whether it’s worth it to even file a claim, since you might end up spending money in the end, rather than receiving any. So, does renters insurance cover food loss from broken refrigerator incidents? The short answer is yes, it can. But, you should be careful about pursuing this type of coverage.