Does Renters Insurance Cover Fire Damage To The Apartment

Protecting your personal belongings from fire

Fire is one of the significant causes of damage to personal belongings and properties. Not only can it damage your stuff, but it can also force you out of your apartment. All these mean financial liabilities if they occur, but you can protect yourself from such liabilities by getting renters insurance. Renters insurance generally protects your personal properties if they are stolen, damaged, or destroyed due to any perils stated in the coverage. Usually, a fire will be added to part of the covered perils and what this means is that you will be eligible for reimbursements on any loss of property by the renters' insurance company. Here, we examine the things you should know about the renters' insurance coverage on fire damage and how this protects you.

Which Fire Damages Are Covered Under Renter Insurance

All renter insurance policies cover fire damage either specifically by naming it or under an all-risk policy. Any renter insurance that doesn’t cover fire damage will specifically exempt it. The renters' insurance usually covers fire damages to your personal belongings and not to the building. Thus, renters insurance will not cover damage to your apartment itself. This damage will be covered by the landlord insurance, which will cover the physical building. For example, while the renters' insurance will pay you for the appliances lost in the fire, it will not pay for the damage to the apartment's walls and roof. All losses covered by the renters' insurance will be to your coverage limits and maximum amount, and you will be required to pay a deductible, which is usually $500 or $1000.
does renters insurance cover fire damage to the apartment

The Extent of Renter Insurance Coverage for Fires

For you to be entitled to reimbursement for fire damage to your property, the fire does not need to originate from your apartment. The fire can be from anywhere, such as neighbours' cigarette, bush fires, etc. It is also not compulsory for your belongings to be in your home for them to be protected. Thus, if your clothes and laptop are in your car and your car cr catches fire, renters insurance may reimburse you for your clothes and laptop. If a fire should also occur due to another peril such as lightning, it will be covered by renters insurance. But some perils such as earthquakes, flooding, sewer overflows, etc., are usually excluded from renters insurance; you should make sure your policy contains a caveat that if they should result in fire damage, your properties will be covered.

does renters insurance cover fire

Exceptions To the Coverage

Generally, renters insurance covers all types of fire damages to your property or any fire damage liability you may incur. But there are strict exceptions to this. A major exception is if you started the fire deliberately. Renters Insurance only covers unintentional fire damages. Also, where the fire damages the apartment, such as when it destroys the roof, walls, and structure, your renters' insurance will not cover it. The landlord insurance will generally cover this. If the insurance provider of the landlord should sue you, your renters' insurance should be sufficient to cover the legal costs and losses as long as it is accidental. Your renters' insurance will also not cover fire damage to your car even though it may cover the properties in your car.