Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows

Does renter’s insurance cover a broken window?

Unfortunately, broken windows are commonplace for renters. In general, your renter’s insurance policy should cover a broken window. However, there are some things to look out for. In this article, we are going to answer the question, “does renter’s insurance cover broken windows?” On the whole, yes. If you or anyone named on the policy causes damage to another person’s property, the policy will cover it. However, it might surprise you to find that you won’t be covered if you damage your property. The liability portion of a traditional renter’s policy covers damage to third-party property. Thus, any accidental damage to someone else’s property would be covered by your policy if you are deemed responsible. If you are not determined responsible, then your insurance can go after the other person for filing the claim against you. Mainly, your insurance company would recoup any legal fees incurred during the claim. But if you accidentally or negligibly break your window, then you’re out of luck. Your policy wouldn’t cover the cost of replacing the window in the property you currently rent.

Will Your Renter’s Policy Cover the Cost of Replacing Someone Else’s Window?

In this situation, let’s assume that one of your children is playing ball. Your child throws the ball too far and accidentally breaks a neighbour’s window. The neighbour then files a claim against your policy. Following the investigation, your insurance company determines you’re at fault. At that point, your policy would pay out the cost of replacing the broken window. On the whole, most renter’s insurance policies cover up to $100,000 in property damage. Consequently, your policy ought to cover the cost of a broken window. It’s also a good idea to check the specifics of your policy. Your policy may cap the payout for specific items such as windows. Thus, you may have to cover a portion of the repair costs out of pocket in case the cost exceeds the limit.
does renters insurance cover broken windows

Will Your Renter’s Insurance Cover the Cost of Replacing Your Window?

On the whole, your policy won’t cover the cost of replacing a broken window in the property you rent even if it happens accidentally. For example, if you move furniture around and you accidentally bust out a window, your renter’s insurance won’t cover it. The same goes for maintenance and repair bills. Replacing a drafty or leaky window can’t be charged against your renter’s insurance policy. Repairs or upgrades ought to the landlord’s responsibility. As such, you shouldn’t have to cover repairs unless they are emergencies. In that case, your renter’s policy may be able to reimburse you if it’s explicitly stated in the policy. This type of provision generally applies to broken water pipes but not broken windows as windows don’t break on their own.

will renters insurance cover broken window

Will Your Insurance Cover a Broken Window Due To a Named Peril?

A named-peril is a risk that’s explicitly stated in your policy. These perils include fire, burglary, or wind. For example, if a burglar breaks a window to enter your home, your policy will cover it if burglary is a named peril. However, if it is not explicitly stated on your policy, then your insurer may refuse to cover it. Most policies cover damage derived from natural disasters. The policy may have certain limits for overall repairs. For instance, if the property is completed destroyed, then the landlord may choose to use their insurance to claim the property as opposed to going through your insurance. Nevertheless, if a window gets shattered during a hailstorm, your policy will most likely cover it unless it explicitly states otherwise.