Cool Things For An Apartment

Are you moving into a new apartment? Here are your go-to accessories.

You’ve signed the lease on your new apartment and now you’re ready to get packing and hauling. As you pack your minimal belongings, you daydream of furnishing your apartment the way you’ve seen displayed in design magazines and tagged in Instagram posts. But it’s a rental, so how can you possibly make this space feel like your own? No need to worry. With a few cool items, and a few for necessity, you can turn your new place into an Instagram-worthy post. Apartment living doesn’t have to be lackluster, and even in smaller living quarters you can create your space to represent your own individual style. We are all spending more time at home these days, so why not make your rental residence the homey, inviting abode you will want to spend time in with these few cool things for an apartment.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Make your guests feel welcome when they come to visit. Place a fun welcome mat at your door. This will not only serve as a spot for your guests to wipe their shoes but will also set the vibe for your new place. There are many cute and funny welcome mats on the market right now. Pick one that represents your personality. Light some scented candles. The scents you choose will create mood and ambiance. Chose seasonal scented candles sure to evoke nostalgic emotion. Candles create such a cozy atmosphere, you’ll feel right at home. Arrange a few indoor plants to give your new space that lived-in feel. Don’t have a green thumb? No worries. Lots of indoor plants don’t need much care, or you can opt for faux plants.
cool things for an apartment

Let’s Stay In

There are a few apartment must haves that will make apartment living effortless while also saving money. A crock pot comes in handy so you can prepare meals for the week. The aroma from the spices will fill your space with comfort and inspire you to eat at home most nights of the week. Use a French press or coffee maker for your morning pick-me-up. Modern coffee pots have an automatic setting that will wake you to the smell of coffee brewing. Brewing your own coffee will not only get you started on your day extra early, but it will also save you loads of money. A dust buster is another apartment must have. It is easier to bust out a hand-held vacuum for small messes rather than a large vacuum.

apartment must haves

Your Style, Your Way

Landlords may not allow you to paint the walls, but you can decorate them to reflect your style. Some cool things for an apartment you can decorate your walls with are mirrors, artwork, or floating shelves. A mirror will brighten up your place as it reflects the light and makes your comfy abode seem bigger. Art can be purchased cheaply and framed, or not framed, to make a gallery wall or have one statement piece. Floating shelves can display trinkets or pictures. Window treatments are more cool things for an apartment. You can spice up the drab white walls with colorful and textured drapes and install a creative curtain rod. Area rugs also add color and dimension to a small apartment space while tying the room very nicely.