Can You Make Holes In Apartment Walls

You can typically put small holes in the walls of your rental property as long as you cover them back up once you move out.

Making your new place feel more homey is only natural and there are many reasons as to why people would want to make holes in their walls including wanting to put up TV mounts, decor, or picture frames. Therefore, it is important to make sure that these holes that you make you must cover up once you leave to get your security deposit back. This all means that for all the holes you make you must use plaster, paint, and whatever else is required to make sure that the wall looks the same as it did when you came into the apartment. If for some reason you do leave the holes uncovered and damage is done to the landlord's property, the landlord will get to keep the down payment, or security deposit, that you made when you first moved into the apartment to cover the damage.

3 Reasons for Wanting To Put Holes in Your Wall

Everyone wants to decorate their apartment and make it feel more like home, so decorating your rental property is only natural. There are many reasons to want to make holes in your walls and decorating and putting up pictures, frames, or shelves is only one of those many reasons. When hanging pictures, however, it is important to note that nowadays there are many methods to avoid even putting nails on a wall. Command strips are easy to use and unless you're hanging something extremely heavy, they can support general decor. Mounting a TV on a wall is another reason many must make holes in their walls. In general, you should make sure that mounting a TV is okay with your landlord, however, most are typically okay with it. Just make sure to cover up the holes that you will have to drill before you leave. This is the same case with installing new curtains or blinds. These are typical to want to hang up in a new apartment, just make sure to fill in any holes as you leave.
can you make holes in apartment walls

How To Repair Holes in Your Wall

Putting holes in your wall for whatever reason is all reasonable however you will be held liable to fix any damage that is done. There are many methods you can use to cover up the holes you have made when moving out. For example, if you've made holes in apartment walls that are drywall, then you'll need to use sheetrock putty, also called joint compound and possibly even a patch of drywall. If your apartment walls are plaster, then you'll need to use veneer plaster and joint compound as well. For very small holes, you can also use white toothpaste as a DIY solution. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the color of the plaster is the same as the color of the wall. Some apartment buildings are more strict than others so make sure that the patch does not stick out.

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How Do Security Deposits Work

Most landlords charge what is called a security deposit when a new tenant is moving into their rental property. This provides the landlord with financial and property protection in the case that you either don't pay your rent or you do damage to your apartment that they need to fix when you leave. How much the security deposit is up to the landlord, however, it is typically the equivalent of 1 or 2 months of rent. It may also be higher if you have a low credit score and/or if you have any pets in your apartment. The landlord then keeps the security deposit until you are moving out. Once you are ready to move out of the apartment the landlord will assess the property to make sure that there is no damage done to the property and then return the money to you. If for some reason there is damage done to the property then they are entitled to keep the deposit to cover the repairs necessary.