Assurant Renters Insurance Review

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What to Know About Assurant Renters Insurance

Assurant Renters Insurance has garnered a lot of trust over the years for being one of the best insurance companies in the country. However, some people still wonder, does Assurant offer Renters insurance? The short answer is Yes! Assurant Renters is more focused on Rental Insurance and we offer a variety of mouth-watering policies that is rare to find in another insurance company. Assurant Renters Insurance covers theft, fire, smoke, vandalism, windstorm, pipe bursts, flood, earthquake, and a host of other damages. Their policy plans are highly flexible, and customers can customize their policy limits to suit their immediate and future needs better. They also offer options for policy coverage add-ons in cases for small fees in cases where our customers need immediate assistance with rent payment, sewer backups, and many more. Their payment plans are flexible and designed for every kind of customer we have. Each payment plan comes with its own discount all in the bid to ensure you get the best insurance value in the industry.
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What Assurant Renters Insurance Covers

A lot of people ask, what does Assurant Renters Insurance cover? Just like many of the top companies in the niche, Assurant Renters Insurance covers a wide range of risks. Some of these risks are explosions, smoke, theft, burst pipes, windstorms, fire and lightning, earthquakes, hail, etc. Renters can also insure their pets and get their roommates under the same policy as them. Customers can supplement their existing policies with different add-ons to get more value for their money. Some add-ons are, Replacement Cost Coverage covers the complete replacement of a lost/stolen item, Rent insurance covers the cost of rent as needed in cases of job loss, Identity theft insurance covers losses incurred as a result of identity fraud, Earthquake Coverage covers cost of properties damaged by earthquakes (available in select states), Pet coverage covers cost of damages caused by pets, and Sewer Backups covers the cost of properties damaged by sewer or drain backups. The limits of every Assurant Renters insurance policy lie in the hands of the renter to a large extent. This also affects the total policy cost.
Does Assurant Renters insurance cover flood damage? The answer is Yes. Assurant Renters will cover damages caused by flooding provided the cause of the flooding is covered by your current insurance policy package. This basically means that if a pipe bursts in your building, the Assurant Renters insurance water damage policy will cover the damage to your properties caused by the leakage but will not fix the burst pipe. Some of these risks can be included in your policy in the form of add-ons at an additional cost.
You might ask, does Assurant Renters cover pet damage? The answer is yes. If you have a furry friend living with you permanently, you can include pet damage as part of your add-ons to your insurance policy and Assurant Renters insurance will cover for any damages to property your pet may cause. Bear in mind that this isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of coverage as there are certain nuances to this clause. This means there are situations where Assurant Renters insure pet damage and there are instances where they will not cover for these damages. For example, if your pet causes damage to other people’s property which might result in a lawsuit, Assurant Renters will cover for the cost of damages caused to the other party. In the case where a resolution isn’t reached and the other party files a lawsuit, Assurant Renters will cover for the court charges.

Assurant Renters Insurance Review and Costs at a Glance

Assurant is one of the largest insurance companies in the country widely known for the variety of policies that cater to different customer needs. If you want an insurance policy that you can control then Assurant might just be the right choice for you. When it comes to Assurant Renters Insurance costs, it is quite competitive in comparison to its competitors in the industry. It has a very low deductible option that starts at $200 and could go up to $500. The total Assurant Renters insurance price for complete coverage options could go as high as $95,000 depending on specific client needs. Renters can also get liability coverages running into about $300,000. Discounts are applicable to most policies but it depends on the client’s chosen payment plan. According to Assurant Renters Insurance review online, a few complaints have been shared about their customer service is less than great and Renters also complained of being unable to cancel a policy on time. These reviews gave Assurant Renters an overall 1.5-star rating from 112 collated reviews.
Assurant Renters Insurance Stats OverviewData
Average Cost in the U.S for Assurant Renters Insurance Annually$135.24
Average Cost in the U.S for Assurant Renters Insurance Monthly$11.27
Assurant Renters Insurance JD Power RatingN/A
BBB rating for AssurantA+

How Much is Renters Insurance Through Assurant in Your State

If you want to get a Renters insurance policy then you might wonder how much is Renters insurance through Assurant in your state. Depending on your state of residence, Assurant Renters insurance policy might differ based on the average cost of living of your location or other factors. For example, if you live alone in Chicago with one pet, your yearly cost for an Assurant Renters insurance policy could be up to $307. This cost could go up in places like California or reduce in states like Oklahoma.

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How to Get a Assurant Renters Insurance and Auto Insurance Discount

To get an Assurant Renters insurance and auto insurance discount on your policies, you would have to revise your payment plan to a more flexible option with possible add-ons. Also, Assurant Renters will offer customers a good discount if they bundle auto and Renters insurance with Geico. This means you can get a discount on your policy if you merge your Assurant Renters insurance with your auto insurance from Geico into one payment package. Assurance Renters insurance discount is applicable on all packages as long as you bundle with Geico car insurance. You can easily do this by purchasing the two policies at once and this is a very seamless procedure since every state requires drivers to have car insurance. You can take advantage of the easy process and discounts and get an insurance bundle to cover both risks.

How Much Does Assurant Renters Insurance Cost Versus Competitors

Assurant Renters insurance cost in comparison to its competitors is quite on the high side. For example, when compared to companies like AllState and State Farm Renters insurance, who charge a yearly stipend of $212 and $136 respectively, Assurant insurance charging $300 for the same location is high. However, since Assurant Renters insurance offers discounts on several packages, their pricing is still affordable. You are also eligible for a good discount from Assurant if you pay your complete coverage cost at once or make payments quarterly and on time. However, Assurant charges a really low deductible of about $250 to $500 monthly. Whereas, State Farm’s lowest deductible cost is $1000.

Getting in Touch with Assurant Renters Insurance

Filing an Assurant Renters Insurance claim is easy. All you have to do is go on their website, log in with your details, and begin filling in details of your insurance policy. You will need to update your landlord first of the situation, file a police report if necessary, contact Assurant Renters, take note of all losses incurred, and assess your personal possession inventory. Filing a claim with Assurant Renters is straightforward and as long as you have all the details of your claim and policy available, you will file your claim in no time also, there are customer care representatives available to guide you through the entire process and ensure you file your Assurant Renters insurance claim with ease. Bear in mind that it can take Assurant Renters up to 24 hours to process your claim depending on the volume of pending requests they have.
To get an Assurant Renters insurance renewal, you would have to call or e=send an email to the customer care representative on the website. You will be asked for your account information and this includes your full name, policy, and other personal details that you may have given during registration. You can then ask to renew your Assurant Renters insurance policy and a confirmation will be sent to you. You can also use this process to request add-ons to your existing policy and also cancel a policy or request a refund. It can take a few hours for your request to be processed depending on the volume of requests they have pending.
Assurant Renters insurance cancellation policy allows Renters to cancel their plans with ease as there are no commitment terms affecting this part of the policy. However, if customers cancel their policy too early, bear in mind that refunds are not guaranteed but you are entitled to them and you should request for it. To know how to cancel your Assurant Renters insurance policy, dial 1-888-260-7736 to speak with a live customer agent. Press 5 and give the agent all your personal details related to your policy. This would include your government name, password, residential/billing address, policy number, date of the previous charge, credit card details, etc. After this information is provided, you can then request a refund of your money and ask for a confirmation email to be sure your request has been logged and is being worked on.

Getting a Assurant Renters Insurance Quote and Deciding Whether Assurant is Right for You

If you have done your research and decided that Assurant Renters insurance is the right direction for you based on your location and needs, then it may be time to request an Assurant Renters insurance quote. To get this information, all you have to do is get on the Assurant Renters website, enter your address/location and get an estimated quote of what it might cost to cover your insurance needs. You will be asked for your name, the kind of building you are renting, whether or not your landlord requires you to have Renters insurance. You will also be asked if your building has experienced any loss in the last three years, whether you have a pet and when you would like your insurance coverage to begin. After all this information is provided, an estimated quote of what your needs might cover will be shown to you. You can then decide whether to move forward by purchasing a policy or if you need more time to deliberate. If you choose to move forward, you will be redirected to a page where you can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually.