AAA Renters Insurance Review

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What to Know About AAA Renters Insurance

Are you considering purchasing renters insurance? You’ve probably heard of AAA and their roadside assistance, but may be asking, “does AAA offer renters insurance”? AAA does in fact offer renters insurance and has done so for years. We will guide you through what a AAA renters insurance policy covers, how to get a quote and what it might look like, how to get, renew , or cancel an insurance plan, discounts that may be available to you, and how to file a claim. We’ll make it easy for you to compare AAA with their competitors and to find the best plan to fit your needs. Your landlord’s insurance only covers the building and appliances or fixtures they have provided. To keep your personal possessions safe from fire, theft, and other covered perils, you’ll need renters insurance. What’s more, renters insurance covers your personal liability and will pay for extra living expenses if your rented home becomes uninhabitable. To stay protected, renters insurance is a must; but how do you find the ideal provider and policy? We’re here to help you sift through all the information so you can decide if AAA renters insurance is right for you.
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What AAA Renters Insurance Covers

You’re probably asking yourself, “what does AAA renters insurance cover exactly?” AAA provides the standard coverage that other providers do for your personal property, loss of use, and personal liability. Personal property coverage will help replace your belongings that are damaged by fire or other covered perils or that are stolen. Most AAA policies all include “off-premises coverage” which applies to items taken from your parked car and sometimes even items in your storage unit. Loss of use helps cover some of the additional living expenses from relocating temporarily if your home becomes uninhabitable. Liability coverage protects you from claims brought against you if someone is injured in or around your home. As mentioned, AAA membership, which is often required to purchase insurance, offers perks like roadside assistance, identity theft services, and member discounts on insurance and for things as varied as movie tickets and hotels. They provide optional add-on coverage such as scheduled personal property, which is for items of high value that may exceed regular policy limits, and medical payments to others. Read on to learn about what AAA’s policies will or will not cover.
Like most renters insurance policies, AAA’s policies do not cover flooding or earthquakes; covered perils include fire, smoke, vandalism, hail, explosions, and riots. If you want protection from other perils you will need to pay for a separate policy. There is typically a distinction between internal sources of water damage, caused by things like burst pipes or faulty appliances, and external sources like flooding. AAA policies will cover most water damage from internal sources. Flood insurance comes separately and often covers your home’s structure, damaged fixtures, carpeting and window treatments, functional systems (electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning), household appliances, and personal belongings. It typically costs around $700 a year, which may seem expensive. However, damage from floodwater can cost you tens of thousands. So, does AAA renters insurance cover flood damage? No, but they do offer separate flood insurance policies. Private market flood insurance options include primary flood insurance, with high levels of protection, or excess which insurance, which offers coverage to supplement a primary policy. They also suggest other options, like government flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
If you have pets, your next question will be, “does AAA renters insurance cover pet damage?” AAA does cover some pet damage under their liability coverage. Liability coverage protects you from claims related to property damage and injuries. If a guest in your rented home is bitten by your dog or badly scratched by your cat, for example, liability coverage would help pay for the medical bills or any legal fees that may arise. Property damage to other people’s property is also part of your lability protection. If your pet causes damage to someone else’s property, you’ll be covered. However, damage done by pets to your home or personal belongings usually isn’t covered. Furthermore, some animals and breeds are specifically excluded from renters insurance policies. Talk with an insurance agent to determine what types of pet damage are insurable under your policy, and if your pet is excluded from this coverage. Also keep in mind that coverage for pet damage in renters insurance is not the same as pet insurance, which covers wellness issues for your pet.

AAA Renters Insurance Review and Costs at a Glance

Let’s start with a AAA renters insurance review. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives AAA renters insurance an A+. However, JD Power gave AAA renters insurance an average rating of 3 out of 5, and their NAIC rating for complaints is subpar. The average AAA renters insurance cost is $X.XX annually. Keep in mind that AAA is made up of clubs that operate under similar names and logos (most of which use AAA in their name) and different regions may experience different service and offerings. On the bright side, this means you’ll get regional service from local agents. You will likely need to invest in a AAA membership to purchase their insurance. A Classic membership can cost around $74 annually, with higher tiers to choose from for more benefits. This will get you access to roadside assistance and a number of discounts, including discounts on insurance that may cover the membership fees. AAA renters insurance has all the basics, and as a member you’ll also get access to perks like identity theft services. They offer additional coverage at a cost; you can choose the amount of coverage you’re comfortable with, and we’ll help you find a AAA renters insurance price that works for you.
AAA Renters Insurance Stats OverviewNumbers
Average Cost in the U.S for AAA Renters Insurance Annually$147.36
Average Cost in the U.S for AAA Renters Insurance Monthly$12.28
AAA Renters Insurance JD Power Rating3/5
BBB rating for AAAA+

How Much is Renters Insurance Through AAA in Your State

Aside from coverage options, one of your most important questions will be, “how much is renters insurance through AAA?” Renters insurance rates, like other types of insurance rates, will vary based on factors like location. Renters insurance from AAA is typically between $15-30 a month, but your actual quote depends on where you live. The most expensive state for AAA renters insurance is Oklahoma, with an average of $X.XX per month. The least expensive state is Delaware, with an average payment of $X.XX per month.

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How to Get a AAA Renters Insurance and Auto Insurance Discount

AAA renters insurance discounts are available. If you’re a member, you’ll get an exclusive member rate. Rates vary by club, but your premiums for a standard policy could go as low as $8 per month. Another great way to save is to bundle auto and renters insurance with AAA. By bundling your auto insurance with your renters insurance, you can get up to 10% off. Getting a multi-policy discount is simple; the insurance agent will often ask you if you want to bundle your new policy with another type of policy, but if they don’t, just ask. Aside from bundling your insurance, AAA will offer you a discount on your premiums if you install home security devices like fire or burglar alarms, security cameras, and fire extinguishers. Many providers offer loyalty discounts for long-term customers and no-claim discounts for customers who didn’t file a claim with their previous provider. Some companies offer student or senior discounts, or discount for paying your premiums in full instead of in installments. Those are just some of the savings available to tenants. Again, ask an insurance agent to see what discounts their company has available for you.

How Much Does AAA Renters Insurance Cost Versus Competitors

Now we’ll take a look at how much AAA’s renters insurance costs in comparison to their competitors. Remember that the deductible amount you choose will influence prices, and that these averages may not be representative of your area’s insurance rates. AAA’s most expensive competitor is The Hartford, with a price difference of $X.XX per month. Their least expensive competitor is AIG, which costs $X.XX less per month on average. However, remember that AAA’s membership discounts and other discounts for things like the age of your home, protective devices installed, bundling policies, and customer loyalty can significantly reduce AAA’s renters insurance premiums.

Getting in Touch with AAA Renters Insurance

Filing a claim can be intimidating. We’re here to help walk you through how to file a AAA renters insurance claim. You might be filing a claim because your belongings were stolen or damaged, or because someone was injured in your home. You’ll need to provide a lot of information and documentation, so it’s best to try to collect as much as you can prior to speaking with an agent. One tip is to make an inventory of your valuables even before you file for insurance, as providers will often ask for information about the number and worth of your belongings. Document damage or loss as soon as it occurs; don’t throw out ruined items, take pictures, and think about filing a police report for more evidence. Check online with your provider to see what specific documents they ask for and keep your policy number close at hand. After you’ve done the legwork on collecting information, you can file your claim online or call one of AAA’s agents. AAA claims to provide expert service and should guide you through the claims process and offer you fair reimbursement. Always be honest about your claims, or you risk insurance fraud.
If you’re already with AAA, you might want to know about getting a AAA renters insurance renewal. Typically, AAA will notify you 45 days before your policy is set to expire or renew. Most plans last for 12 months and automatically renew unless you need to change the coverage levels of your policy. You can cancel AAA automatic renewal by calling AAA Member Services. You can enroll in automatic renewal for both your AAA membership and for your renters insurance policy. With membership renewal, you get a one-time $10 discount and can get 50% off on adding additional members. Automatic insurance renewal offers you continued coverage and saves time from manually renewing coverage online or on the phone. Be careful though; it can be easy to simply let your automatic renewal continue unchecked, but you should always check that your policy is still meeting your coverage needs. AAA Insurance customer service is provided from 6am to 7pm Monday to Saturday by phone, while AAA Insurance sales can be called Monday to Friday from 7am to 9pm and 8am-6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.
Maybe you’re not happy with your service, maybe you’ve been added to your partner’s insurance, or maybe you’re no longer renting; either way, you need to know how to cancel your AAA renters insurance plan. AAA has a flexible cancellation policy, typically with no fee and, if you’re partway through the month, a prorated refund on your premiums. You can cancel by calling or even mailing a letter to your local branch; information you’ll need includes your policy number, end of coverage date, and your name, address, phone number, and date of birth. You can also visit your local branch in person to cancel your policy, as AAA puts a big focus on face-to-face service. Unfortunately, you can not cancel your AAA renters insurance online. You may encounter your typical sales pitch attempting to keep you as a customer, but the whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. After you’ve cancelled, you’ll receive a final notice through mail or email. Or maybe you’ll be swayed to simply adjust your policy or continue with it if they offer more discounts or perks. If you’re sure you will be cancelling your current coverage, consider getting a new policy to avoid any gaps in coverage.

Getting a AAA Renters Insurance Quote and Deciding Whether AAA is Right for You

To get a AAA renters insurance quote you can contact your local branch or request a quote online. These requests require you to fill in a significant amount of personal information, unlike some other companies that offer an online quote tool. It’s always best to be ready with any relevant information, like your valuables inventory, credit score, and building specifications. If you speak with an agent they can likely offer you a better quote based on the extra information you provide. We’ve gone over many aspects of AAA renters insurance. Consider the trade-off of paying for AAA membership and the perks it provides. Always ask about what discounts are available; bundling is a sure-fire way to save and AAA is known for their auto insurance and services. Think about what coverage add-ons or extra policies might be a good idea, like flood insurance. We always encourage you to shop around and compare quotes and coverage offerings from multiple providers. Use the information we’ve provided and do some of your own research into customer reviews, ratings from reputable companies, coverage options, and pricing. That way, you can rest assured knowing you’ve chosen the best provider for your budget and your insurance needs.